Friday, May 1, 2015

The Escalator and Spa Is Up and Working

This will be my final report on the construction of the escalator and rest stop built by our wonderful friend Enzo.  Unfortunately one of our friends had to be the first to experience the lift and sadly that was the beloved Gabby who passed over the River of Life with little warning this week.

Please says a prayer for Gabby’s Mom Jeannie who is lost without her special baby.  The problem with trial runs of Bridge improvements is that someone’s heart has to be broken to test it and we are very sorry it was Gabby’s Mom.  

As you know I had some special requests of my own concerning the improvements.  Before the escalator and rest stop were built I would get a page that a new angel needed to be sworn in at the top of the stairs.  Now I still get the page, but once the angel is done at the rest stop the angel blows a horn installed by Enzo that goes AWHOOOWAA which signals to me that the angel has boarded the escalator again.

I heard the AHWOOOOWAA that signaled Gabby was done and went to the top of the escalator.  Sitting on one of the steps, slowly being lifted, as pretty as anything you have ever seen, pampered, groomed, and well fed, was Gabby.     I stood right at the top of the escalator which proved to be a mistake because Gabby’s momentum knocked her into me and I fell over.

I ignored the snickers of the gathered angels.  I was anxious to hear about how the rest area worked but I would have to wait for Ladybug to fix Gabby for her wings and Tommy to bring Gabby to a TV so she could check on her Mom.  I waited for an eternity (which for me is about 15 minutes) then approached Gabby about the new accommodations

.In short Gabby told me the new escalator was a huge success.  She was very tired when she arrived and she was gently lifted higher.  At the midpoint the escalator stopped..  Gabby was brought to a comfy chair and given a big bowl of popcorn and the beverage of her choice.  She was given a massage, a haircut, a shampoo and a long hot bath while she was fed chocolate and other previous forbidden foods as well as the best poultry, fish and meat then a nice piece of cake for dessert.

    While it did not make up for the loss of her Mom Gabby said it made the adjustment easier and that is all we wanted.

    Now we just have to hope it does not get smotted.


  1. It is always sad to lose one to the bridge.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Gabby was Gertrude's first customer...She was extra gentle with Gabby and her spa was soothing and the hair cut went very well, as Gabby was able to watch how it all was done by the new "flat Mirror" know..something like a "flat TV"..How excited she got when she saw the results and was very impressed with the French Masseuse by the name of Maurice.. I think he took to her also..Gabby has another lesson for flying..Her wings fit well and were so easy to install on her..She is so cooperative to say the least...Angel Ladybug has been recently sent for more advanced training for Flying lessons. It seems that some of her students have complained that she is having issues with her Right and Left turns, getting confused I am told..Too many bent and wrinkled wings are being turned in and some are having to travel down to earth to "Enzo's Garage" to have them reinstalled..More on the outcome of that story...

  3. I am so sorry that you lost your friend, whose time it was to cross the Bridge.