Tuesday, May 5, 2015

River Song asks how a Grumpy Cat could be worth more than a Grumpy Dog

I had heard of Grumpy Cat but I hadn’t paid any her any mind.  I don’t pay attention to cats except for the ones who are my online friends.  There is one who comes in our yard.  I ignore it.  Foley visits me in my dreams and tells me I should bark at it and chase it away but who has the energy?
Recently a friend sent me a link about Grumpy Cat.  I have a begrudging respect for Ms. Cat.. Anyone who can carry off Grumpy all the time is OK with me.  But the more I read about Ms. Grumpy the Grumpier I became until I turned into Very Grumpy Dog.
This cat is freaking famous.  Books, TV, commercials, public appearances:  Millions of dollars in revenue, and for what, looking like this?
grumpy cat.jpg
    How can that be worth more than this?
January 22, 2014 river.jpg

    How is this face not worth millions of dollars?   Big frown, disproving expression, cranky attitude.  I have it all.  What’s the difference?
    I’ll tell you the difference.  First she is white.  We don’t like to talk about it but let’s face it whitey gets everything.  And then there is the blue eyes which I have on good authority are contacts.  And her publicist insist she is a virgin while I have an unwanted teenage pregnancy in my past.  (Scuttlebutt is that she’s not  a virgin.  Blue eyed, rich white girl?  Trust me:  Somebodies tapped that.)
    So how about some love for the Grumpy Dog?  There are more dogs than cats in this country.  If anyone is going to be the symbol of Grumpy in this country it should be the Grumpy Dog.
    If this doesn’t happen I could turn into Totally Pissed Off Dog.  
    And no one wants to see that.


  1. Grumpy is everywhere! But it can't be much fun to be that grumpy all the time, right?

  2. Maybe you need to find out who her agent is !
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. We think Grumpy Cat has a good agent.


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