Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pocket is Afraid She Will be Replaced By a Robot

I am nervous by nature: I worry about my parents when they are gone; I worry about them when they cough or wince; I worry when there are loud noises, activity outside, and critters in my yard.  Now I have something new to be worried about.  I am in danger of being replaced by a robot.  

An Australian researcher Jean-Loup Rault suggests that human’s insistence on over breeding is going to create too many people which won’t leave room for us dogs and we are going to be replaced by robotic dogs.

Oh man, I don’t want to be replaced by a robot.  I have put in years of work to gain my Mom’s trust and somewhere in a laboratory is tin on wheels programed to know everything it took me years to learn.  And it doesn’t pee or poop either.  Oh it might leak some motor oil now and then but no where near as much as I leak.

This report says that humans interact with robotic pets in the same way that they interact with real ones.  Oh my gosh:  Who would want a troubling little thing like me when they get the same thing from a robot who doesn’t come loaded with the problems I have?  

Mommy and Daddy both assured me that they would never take a robotic dog over me:  They want the love and devotion only a real dog can provide.  But I have to watch my step.  When I get yelled at for barking, or leash pulling, or some other infraction how tempting is it going to be for my parents to prefer a dog who can be quieted by the removal of batteries?

Having watched humans interact, and see how some of their children forget about them one they have grown, wouldn’t people be better off with robot humans than robot dogs?  The problem with the world isn’t humans not getting along with dogs but humans not getting along with other humans.

I wouldn’t want a robot parent myself but if they had warm laps, walked well and knew how to feed on schedule I might be persuaded (but not now, no robots will ever replace Mom and Dad.)

Humans making robots to replace them.  What can go wrong?


  1. Bloody (sorry but sometimes it's called for) Australian researchers!! What are they thinking scaring my friends like that? What would they know anyway?? Don't you going worrying your little self Pocket. No-one's going to replace you with a robot and no half-wit Aussie researcher will convince me otherwise.

  2. Don't worry- no robot would know how to snuggle like you!

  3. Whut could go wrong????

    Hmm... evfur seen Westworld?? bol, bol

    Don't worry, Pocket. No robots would evfur replace real cats or pups... well, not fur anyone dat would be a gud fur pawrent anyways!

  4. Robots ain't warm and cuddly though.

  5. We'd like to see the robot that snuggles into the human's back, or makes them laugh, or makes them go out for walks. Robot dogs could just walk themselves.

  6. This title certainly got my attention. I'm pretty sure that no robot could ever be as adorable and charming as you!

  7. YOU could NEVER be replaced by a ROBOT DOG.... Butt after reading all this.... we are sort of worried too.

  8. No robot could replace the love we give!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. WHAT!!!! Humans are so crazy....just crazy....the only advantage I can see to this whole thing is......well ...(I could send Maggie back to where she came from...maybe mom would not notice.)
    stella rose

  10. Robot dogs would have to have batteries and we have renewable energy.

  11. You could NEVER be replaced by a robot! Not ever!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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