Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hattie Mae is our October 4, 2015 Pup of the Week

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Last week I wrote about my friend Morgan from the wonderful world of Blogville whom many of you met for the first time.  I am very glad you got to know her.  I feel bad that so many of my friends don’t know these great dogs.  But the same is true the residents of Blogville:   They don’t know our great, caring friends from Tanner Brigade and Facebook.

And who is better or more caring than Hattie Mae?  It is hard to imagine a world without sly, beautiful, witty, emphatic, generous, inspiring Hattie Mae.  But for a time we will have to experience that world.   Hattie Mae has gone on sabbatical.

Hattie’s Mom is having some issues that keep her from the computer and all we can do is pray that it is for a very short time.  We have had to flail our way through the vast Internet without her before and we didn’t like it.  She was the first dog to leave DS and without her the site’s tone changed.  Many followed her out the door.  When we first began the Tanner Brigade Hattie, having been burned several times on different sites, was reluctant to join but thankfully she finally did and she completed our site.

Now what are we to do with her gone?  Who is going to make us smile every day with the perfect photo of her or her sister Jessie in beautifully tailored outfits worn so confidently and with great panache?  Who is going to post a silly picture of Hattie or Jackie Lynn giving their Mom the “I am so fed up with the modeling” look?  Who is going to instigate the structure of the perfect few lines to make us smile when we are sad, or make us feel less alone and a lot more loved?

I think of all the words I chose to describe Hattie inspiring is the most apt.  She has inspired so many dogs to share their stories and their lives.  She has inspired so many dogs to dress up and show their beautiful sides.  And she has inspired all of us to always give love and show compassion.  As for her generosity I can certainly attest to that.  I had, and have passed on to Pocket and River, an entire closet of Hattie Mae original dresses she gave to us when they shrunk in her closet and became too small for her.

It is Halloween.  This is one of Hattie’s favorite times of the year.  She loves to dress in costumes and she hosted her own Parade of the Horribles.  Jessie and Roscoe’s Mom is hosting a Halloween party on DS2015 and I would like to see everyone post, either there, or on their own blog pages, or on TB, pictures of them dressed in their scariest and most horrible costumes.  We know it would make her smile.

So dress up and celebrate Halloween and everyday for Hattie Mae and pray for her to return to us soon.  We live in a much less perfect world without her.


  1. We love to see other dogs as fashion plates, but no one here will ever wear a costume. We made a pact.

  2. Hattie Mae... This is Angel Ladybug...PLEASEEEEEEEE.......I need you to help me with my wardrobe...You have to know how important you are to all of us....and well....ME....I REALLY NEED SOME ADVICE....and Tell your Mom... How important she is to my Mom and to everyone that crosses her path..So Please...pass this on to your Mom that she is so loved...and that my Mom sends her Hugs and get better Hattie Mae's Mom....

  3. Hattie Mae sure looks like a sweet girl
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. I think Hattie Mae is a real gem!


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