Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Three Little Pugs are our October 25, 2015 Pups of the Week


I have three wonderful friends in Blogville. They write the wonderful  Three Little Pugs blog. Their names are Stella Rose, Angus Mac and Maggie Mae and man do they have troubles.  

I know we all have troubles but the Pugs’ troubles have not just come in threes they have affected three generations of their family.  Let’s begin with the youngest.

This little cutie is Macey-Elizabeth Jean.  She is seven years old and she is a hero.  She has a rare illness called Lymphedema which only affects one in 740,000 children.  The condition causes fluid retention and tissue swelling in her legs.  The swelling can be painful and it interferes with some of her activities but she still dances, cheers, and proves that, with the right attitude nothing keeps you down.

The Pugs’ Dad worked in the warm weather out on the highway.  But in the cold weather he moved to what the pugs called “The factory from hell.”  The factory from hell indeed.  While I have never been able to uncover the exact details the pugs Dad had an unfortunate encounter with a 450 pound object which left the L-5 and L-1 vertebrae in his back broken and the L-3 shattered.  

As you can imagine these injuries were very severe and the Pugs dropped from Blogville for a short time while their Dad recovered, moving from intensive care, where he gave everyone quite a fright when he developed, and successfully fought off, pneumonia, and then to skilled care where he received a brace he will have to wear for three months and extensive physical therapy.  As you can imagine all of this made their Dad quite crabby and when a human is in the hospital they tend to take out their frustrations on whoever visits them the most which, in the Pugs Dad’s case was their embattled Mom.  She hid her tears and put on her amazon warrior costume when she was with him.  She said she was hiding the fact that she was a mouse but she really seems like an amazon to us.  

The days with their Dad in the hospital stretched onward.  The physical therapists tried to get him to climb stairs because he had to do that before going home but his pain level was too high.  The pugs thought they could put their Dad in a sleeping bag and drag him up the stairs but their Mom said no.

Their Mom had to order a walker, a shower chair, and a hospital bed, amongst other items, and get a room ready for their Dad’s return.  

This week their Dad returned home.  He was slowly helped in the house by their Mom and put  in his chair where Angus immediately broke the no jumping on Daddy rule.  Dad was only allowed a short time in the chair before it was back to bed.  It will take up to six months for their Dad to be back to normal and he is going to need lots of prayers to get there and the Pugs’ Mom is going to need lots of prayers to help him without killing her.

I know you are thinking that no family could possibly bear any more pain but the Pugs’ family has more to endure.  Their Mom’s Mother, their Grandma, had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had an operation, took lots of drugs, went through treatments, went through cat scans and it looked like she was cancer free.

But the doctors examined 21 vials of her blood and they showed that she had high cancer markers which meant it was likely that the cancer would return, not just in the breast, but in the liver, brain, or any other vital organs.  The treatment plan for Grandma was followed to the letter.  Doctors promised that Grandma would be fine.  Of course there was a sight chance….there is always a slight chance.  And this time the slight chance paid off in all the wrong ways.  I could explain to you how this made the Pugs’ Mom feel but I will let her tell you in her own words:

“Tomorrow she starts her first round of chemo.  We really don't know anything more than that.  And if we did it probably would be incorrect...that is what I have finally figured out when it comes to cancer and the person we love.  Nothing goes by the book, nothing goes by what the doctor tells you, or the internet, or the pamphlets..................cancer is powerful awful stuff, and we are scared.  It’s our Mom and at her age, we want to protect her and make promises, that could turn out not to be the truth.   And then somehow we will have turned into the very things I am so mad at.  The liars.  Please pray for my Mom.”
Since then her Mom has gone through chemotherapy, and mother and daughter even went shopping for a short time, but Grandma soon became tired and had to return home.
There isn’t much us friends can do when multiple tragedies strike but our friends Hailey and Zaphod decided to gather some blogging friends together to send the Pugs some hugs using this picture.  If any of you would like to do the same go to and post the hugs image below on one of their blogs.
We all have our crosses to bear but right now the Pugs and their Mom, and their Dad, their Grandmom and Macey-Elizabeth seem to be bearing a lot of crosses.  Luckily they have some brave and true Pugs on their side who have brought them lots of hugs and prayers.  Hopefully you will join in and bring health and peace to this wonderful family and their little dogs.


  1. Dey are pawsome pals. Sendin em BIG hugs.

  2. We love the Three Little Pugs and and we are praying for the family
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. We didn't know them before but they have more than their share of grief. Many prayers and crossed paws.

  4. We are pulling for those three little pugs and their family!!