Friday, October 2, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Time For Kindness

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I have an old grandfather clock on my cloud.  It has hands, a chime, and a cuckoo that comes out occasionally to say hi.  But it doesn’t tell time because here on the immortal side there is no time.  An eternity is too long to keep track of.
But on the mortal side there is nothing but time.  “What time is it?  Do we have time?  Do you have the time?”  Life and time are intertwined.  Humans seem to think they have plenty of time but in truth there is no time.
Time is something you never get back.  As you read a tiny sliver of your life is fading away.  So what to do with this time?  How about spending it on love and kindness.
I know humans get mad at one another.  Mommy has too many people in her life mad at her.  And she has lost time with them.  No matter how often she has reached out to them they don’t have the time for her.  And someday her time will run out and no one will have time with her.
So if someone takes the time to extend a paw of kindness to you find the time to take it.  There is always time for anger.  But there is never enough time for friendship.  Take the time to forgive.  Take the time for friendship. There will be time enough for anger later.
I no longer have the time for negative comments.  When Pocket and I created this site we did so under the banner Freedom to Bark.  But we can no longer let negative comments hurt our friends.  We have no time for them.  If you feel the need to post one instead of doing it take time to do something positive.  There is never enough time for the positive.  So please stop devoting time to the negative and hurtful.  Love, kindness, forgiveness and mercy:  Those are fine ways to spend time.
Thanks for the time.


  1. Wise words. We try to reach out, but we no longer want negative humans or dogs in our lives.

  2. We agree - we stay away from negativity
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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