Sunday, October 11, 2015

Paco is our October 11, 2015 Pup of the week

Paco 2.jpg

Seven years ago I met my good friend Paco.  He was two years older than me.  Two years after I made my journey to the Bridge Paco is still going strong.  Yesterday he celebrated his 17th birthday with his Mom at his home in Bologna Italy.

Paco is another miracle dog.  His heart has been failing for a long time.  His vet didn’t think he would make it to 17.  But Paco’s Mom has had a very hard year including the loss of her Mom and Paco has judiciously metered out his heartbeats so he can stay with his Mom for as long as possible.  

Paco is one of my all time favorite dogs.  I enjoy using obscure pop culture references in my writing which usually pass right over poor Paco’s head because he was raised with proper culture and etiquette.  He politely asks me to explain the joke and then laughs even when he doesn’t think it is very funny.

Kind, supportive, compassionate and loving Paco is truly one of the best friends any pup could have.  If you asked any of his friends they would tell you the same.  Our love for Paco leaps over that tiny ocean like it was a puddle.  There is not a day that goes by that he isn’t in our thoughts and prayers.

Seventeen years ago Paco was born to Robinson and Sara two dog friends of Paco’s brother Snoopy who had crossed over the Bridge before Paco’s birth and now runs a wonderful Italian Bistro on a beautiful cloud named “Snoopy’s.”   When his Mom and grandma saw Paco for the first time they fell in love with him.  But, as often is the story with dog and Mom love there were obstacles.  Paco was promised to someone else and went to live with another woman.

It didnt work out between Paco and his first Mom.  No one knows why but I think it is because Paco knew he was not with the right Mom.  When the right Mom found out that the wrong Mom was looking for someone to take Paco she stepped right up and a decade and a half love story began.

Paco was a Pocket sized dog when he moved into his house.  He used to disappear up his Mom’s sleeves when he was scared.  He was named for a brave, sweet dog his grandma admired in a book.   Soon Paco found his energy and could play all day long.  His Mom took that energy and harnessed it towards competitions.  Soon Paco was winning agility competitions and awards for being obedient and pleasant.  When he won his final agility competition he got a big write up in his local paper.

Now in retirement Paco lives life like a good Italian dog enjoying ricotta or mozzarella cheese and ham, even if these treats do have pill in the middle of them.   He still misses his Grandma very much, and she is with us at Bridge waiting for the day, far in the future, she hopes, when Paco will join her.  Until that day arrives Paco and his Mom stayed snuggled together loving  and supporting one another.

it would not surprise me at all if they were still sitting together 17 years from now.  Paco and his Mom are unbeatable team.  Unbeatable at loving one another.

May they have many more years.


  1. Dogs just seem to know when they are with the right human being.

  2. Congratulations to Paco for being "Pup of the Week." He is so deserving of this honor. Millie & Gypsy sends love & hugs to Paco & his Mom.

  3. How wonderful that Paco is still going at 17! Even when he does make his departure for the bridge - hopefully many years from now -Love lives forever!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel