Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jingle Jangle Jangle Jingle by Pocket Dog

Jingle jangle jingle jangle.  It is a sound every dog knows.  The sound of our tags clinking together.  I have avoided this annoyance most of my life.  My parents never found a reason for me to wear my tags.  They were attached to my leash so when I went out I was legal.  But I didn’t have to wear them inside.
That darn Internet betrayed me.  Mommy started reading story after story about dogs who disappeared,  some from their home.  And then she decided to have us chipped.
The chipping wasn’t bad although I hated going to the vet.  I figured once I was chipped I would never have to listen to those tags.  But then Mommy got something in the mail from the Chipping company.  It was a tag.  Why does a company that makes chips to track dogs have to send out tags?  Isn’t the entire point of chipping to avoid tags?
This must have been a deal made with Bag Tag.  Big Tag was losing business and made the Chippers give out tags.  And since the Chippers are all powerful in keeping us dogs safe our humans believe if the Chipper sent them then we ought to wear them.
I still had one chance.  My Dad’s inability to put the big tag on that little ring and then getting the little ring on my harness.
It took him several tries, lots of swearing, and even a little blood but he got the tag on the rings and then the rings on our harnesses
And know wherever we go jingle jangle jangle jingle.  Holy heck it is enough to make my little head explode.  I move, I hear the sound, I stop, I wonder what the sound is, I move and the sound starts again.  So I am chipped and tagged like wearing a belt and suspenders but only if the belt and suspender jingled and jangled and jangled and jingled.  If that happened with humans then men would walk around with their pants on the ground.  (Why they still do that I haven’t a clue.)
So if you head jingle jangle jangle jingle don’t be alarmed.  It is just Pocket and River Song.  Two victims of Big Tag


  1. We also jingle and jangle with our harnesses on, we thought we were the onliest ones in the world to do that, so we haven't told another soul.............now we know different. stella rose

  2. We only have rabies tags and mom puts them in the drawer. Mabel has a name tag on her collar. We live in the county so we are not required to be licensed.
    Mabel will get chipped when she has her no babies surgery. Guess we are missing out on the jingle jangle
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. We don't have to wear tags. We usually don't wear collars around the house either. We have microchips and have been registered for life. Luckily, we don't have rabies in our country, and we don't wear tags to show if vaccinated. Some dogs do wear address tags, but we dont' have those. SHE doesn't like that jingle, jingle....

  4. Our human said the jingle jangle means that we can't sneak up on birds and eat them. That took a lot of fun out of our lives.

  5. Just chew da tags beyond recognition - then ya won't have to jingle!

  6. Our pups also have tags and chips. I like the belt and suspenders analogy! And, we add a bell to their collars when they're outside so that the wildlife will hear them coming. Yup, we humans ruin all the fun! Sorry... Jingle, jangle.


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