Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bella is our Pup of the Week

What kind of place is Rainbow Bridge?  It is a place of peace.  It is a place of beauty.  It is a place of joy.  It is a place where you are broken hearted to greet one of your closest friends.
Before I document her arrival let me transcribe the arrivals before the arrival:  People.  Not that it is strange for people to greet their pups.  But this wasn’t a person or two, this was dozens.  Some young, some old (you can pick your body type here like you can pick clothes off a rack) all of whom had been touched by the dog bounding up the final steps of Enzo’s escalator.
Bella summited the top of the Bridge and looked down at me with her big Husky eyes.  I was so happy to see my friend.  We waited for the dark cloud, filled with all the mortal tears sparked by her passing, to slip over us, then burst open, drenching us all.  Then I, with shaking paws, gave the oath of angeldom to my friend.  She then huddled with her long time friend Scooby who helped design her wings, legendary angel Ladybug who fitted the wings, and finally she, now in full angel regalia, turned to the humans waiting for her then opened her wings.  The humans ran to her and hugged her tightly.
Bella’s friend Meika, who had joined me waiting her arrival inquired who these people were.  “They were from the Senior Center that Bella visited every Tuesday.  Bella helped make their last days on the mortal side enjoyable.  She made them smile when they were at their lowest, made them feel loved when they were most lonely, and she never asked for anything in return.  All of them have come here to make her first days on the immortal side more enjoyable.”
I thought of the people left behind.  The ones at the Senior Center who won’t be seeing Bella’s smiling face this Tuesday.  And her wonderful Mom who trained Bella to be such a wonderful, beautiful, empathetic dog.  Bella’s Mom knew there was something wrong with the dog who she described as “my whole world.”  Bella wasn’t eating.  Last year she had a blockage and needed emergency surgery to get a part of a toy removed.  She thought Bella has something blocking her intestines again.  A scan showed that her Mom was right.  There was a blockage.  But this time, when they opened her up, they found the blockage was a tumor caused by liver cancer.  That very same day Bella came here.
When Bella was done meeting with the grateful humans she came over to Meika and me.  She wanted to check on her Mom.  She was very worried about her.  And she had reason to be.  Bella’s Mom wasn’t missing her dog, she was missing her heart, which Bella had taken with her, and because of the rules, Bella couldn’t return it.  But Bella does treasure her Mom’s heart, and she wants to help her rebuild a new one.
Bella wants her Mom to know that she is either watching over her, and taking care of her, or doing what her Mom taught her to do, visiting those on the immortal side who are lonely and filling their life with a little more joy.
Bella gave so much love to people in her life, and she took so much love with her when she left that the mortal side has a lot less love now.  It is up to Bella, the angels, and mortal pups to make up for that lost love and we need to start with healing her Mom.
So come on pup and angels, time to create some more love in the world.


  1. That was beautiful, Bella was so special when she was here.

  2. Bella was a beautiful girl. our prayers go out to her mom
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. We wish we had known Bella, soft woos and gentle hugs to her family.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Bella left quite a legacy with all the people she made smile at the senior center. I am sure her mom misses her very much, but I know she will be watching over her until they meet again.

  5. It's so hard to send the kids to the bridge or even let them go on their own . . .

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Bless her heart and those she left behind. stella rose

  7. Yes, healing is so muchly needed.
    Love tweedles


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