Friday, February 5, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Catching Up With Baron

Five years is a long time.  Many things change over that time.  Countless marriages have collapsed, young lovers have drifted apart, children have become estranged from their parents, but one thing doesn’t change: The love that parents have for their pups that have gone to the Bridge.
Five years ago we lost a giant:  Baron, also known as Bear, the dog so great he had to be named twice.  He was the model of a German Shepherd Dog:  Strong, loyal, handsome and brave.  He lived most of his life pre dog social media but when Baron joined a lost site known as Doggyspace and pups began to dominate the online world we knew we were in the presence of royalty.
Baron was an inspiration the first time we met him.  We knew if we could instill in our parents the love Baron inspired in his Mom we would have accomplished our mission on Earth.  As Baron aged his legs began to bother him and he was the first dog I met who was brave enough to go to acupuncture to keep himself healthy.
By the end Baron no longer had use of his back legs but he still had the spirit to keep moving forward.  But his lungs filled with fluid, his breathing became labored, and, under a great cloud of shared grief Baron passed to the Bridge where he immediately began running like he had when he was a puppy and was assigned a beautiful set of wings.
Meanwhile on the mortal side of the Bridge Baron’s Mom Monica keeps his spirit alive by having Baronfest gatherings at her house where the mortal dogs come together to romp, play, and remember their spiritual leader and friend.  His mortal siblings:  Kaiser and Cheyenne are doing their best to carry on his legacy as the model German Shephard Dog.
At the Bridge Baron has his own Baronfest.  He opens his magnificent home to all dogs.  The walls are lined with television screens where pups can watch over their parents.  If a parent needs help, and the angel pup doesn’t know how to help them, Baron is there with a kind paw and a word of advice.
No one devotes more time to the needs of mortal dogs than Baron.  He spends hours a day running prayer messages up the mountain to the Big Guy for his friends and Mom.  He is now the model of the perfect Angel dog and gives us all something to aspire to, just like his Mom raised him to be.


  1. What a magnificent GSD he is, so regal inside and out. Thanks for writing about him.

  2. Oh,,, he is a perfect angel to do sooo much,, its from all the love inside of him.. His legacy lives on.