Friday, February 26, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Apollo's Angels

Sometimes we Angels look down on humans and see the selfishness, the greed, the seven deadly sins as visible as volcanoes overflowing in anger.  But there are other lights too.  They can be harder to see because they get overwhelmed by the negative light but they do shine brighter.
This is the light emitted by the good people.  The ones who care about others, love others, and give everything they can to help other those in needs and dogs in needs.
At the beginning of February there was a great shining light coming from Enid Oklahoma where our friend Angel Apollo’s family lived, where his brother Bishop now runs the pack and where his Mom Miss Kimberli, no matter what tragedies she has suffered, or how much pain she is in, continues to take in, care for, manage the health of, and find home for, any stray dog who crosses her path.
And one light can inspire many more lights.  Romeo, Copper and Jax’s Mom Miss Karen and Roscoe’s Mom Miss Sandy were conversing one day when they decided to see if they could help Miss Kimberli and her rescues.  They contacted Pokey’s Mom Miss Laura and my Mom and they decided to form a secret Facebook Group called Apollo’s Angels and invite all their dog parent friends to the group except for Miss Kimberli to see if they could raise funds for her and help with the good work that you are doing.
And then we started to see a lot of lights from all across the country.  People sent money, food and gift cards.  And those who couldn’t do that sent cards with warm wishes.  No one did it for thanks, or for recognition, they did it to honor Miss Kimberli, and Angel Apollo, and to feel for just a bit the great joy that Miss Kimberli must feel in helping these dogs.
Today we invited Miss Kimberli into the group so she can see the wonderful points of lights that she inspired and will continue to inspire.  The hope is that she will take as much joy in seeing the respect and love people have for her as they people felt giving her love and respect.
Some days the bright light of the good people outshines the darkness of the bad people.


  1. this makes our hearts glad. what a wonderful thing to do for Miss Kimberli
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. We would hope that MOST days have the bright light outshining the dark days.


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