Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pup of the Week: Saviors of the two and four legged variety

When I was curled up on my mom’s lap while she watched TV and managed my online computer profiles, I barely paid attention to what was happening on that stupid old picture box.  But there was one movie that caught my eye.   It was about a primitive tribe in Africa.  A member of the tribe, Xi, found a Coke bottle which brought envy and greed to his village.  The movie was called The Gods Must Be Crazy.
I think there are people in the mortal world, in Italy, on the United State’s east coast, in Lousiana, and in Oklahoma, who would agree with Xi:  The Gods Must Be Crazy.  Earthquakes, tropical storms, floods:  The Gods have been testing people with ceaseless natural disasters.
The Gods Must Be Crazy, but the Angels are definitely worried.
Our families and friends are in the path of the storms and floods, are being tossed and turned by these quakes.  We wish there were something we could do to stop it.
I don’t ask if the Gods are crazy.  I know they are.  They think their evil little tricks will break human’s resiliency. I know that no matter how many times people are knocked down, they always get up.  It is amazing.
Dogs are tasked with aiding humans in finding that relentless part of their souls that allows them to battle through the most strident calamities.  When natural disasters destroy people’s property and livelihoods, they risk their lives to save others from worse peril.  But it isn’t just humans they are saving.  They gamble with their lives to save us dogs as well.  Beyond that, if we have become separated from our families, these brave humans work to find new homes for us.  
For proof of this, I turn to our Italian correspondent Paco.  Here is a link to a story about how dogs saved people, and people saved dogs and the bond between dogs and men in Italy after the earthquakes.  You will have to click the translate tab:
Here is a second story provided by Paco about a dog named Romeo rescued ten days after the earthquake hit.…
And this link will show you videos of humans risking their lives to save dogs, of people reunited with their dogs, and of dogs in search of new homes.  There are heroes in every story, both dog, and man.
We don’t know when Hermine will depart our shores, and what damage will be done, and if dogs, or people, will need to be rescued. And we certainly don’t know what the Gods, or the meanness that infects this world and causes people to spread evil, will do, but we know that no matter how hard people are hit they will rise.
And we will be right next to them.


  1. Without dogs to inspire them human might not rise at all.

  2. We help each to stand back up again! I love the story of Romeo and wish he and his family many blessings.

  3. We saw the story about Romeo. WE hope Hermine goes out to sea and wears herself out with no more damage
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. I love to see those heroic doggies helping to rescue people from disasters; and I also have a great deal of respect for drug and bomb sniffing doggies!

    Ghostwriter says the movie you were talking about is one of her favorites too.


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