Friday, September 16, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Helping Freddy and Tommy Save the Beagles

My good friend Tommy Tunes burst into my home with a newspaper in his mouth.  I thought he was being a good boy, bringing me my morning reading material.   He dropped the paper on the floor, opened it, and put his paw on an article.
I jumped down to next to him and saw the story that had infuriated him.  Six female beagle puppies were given to the University of Missouri.  Scientists then purposefully gave them painful eye injuries.  A special type of acid was then applied to the  eyes to see if they would heal.  The acid did not work, and the beagles still had injured eyes.  
Having no further use for the dogs, the University put them to death.  Tommy and I went looking for them.  
We found them at our friends Saffron and Sage’s house.  Their mom Jackie is one of the many parents here who take in dogs who never had homes.  Saffron said the beagles were still very scared and confused about why humans would treat them that way.
Tommy and I went to see them.  Jackie had given them a huge house where they could curl up together.  They had fresh steak and salmon.  They were on their big comfortable beds.  We hopped up and introduced ourselves then asked if they had any questions. They all had the same query.  Why?
We are both very smart, experienced dogs who have spent our lives studying humans.  But neither of us had an answer. We have seen humans terribly abuse dogs:  throwing them from cars, leaving them tied up in terrible weather, leaving them in cramped cages, trapping them in hot cars.  The list is endless.  But we don’t know why educated humans would do this.
The answer to what happened to our new friend was the same as the answer to why all terrible things happen to dogs. There is just a meanness in the world.
I guess humans have to run tests on animals.  I don’t agree with it, but I understand that they can’t run tests on other humans (although there are a lot of humans who should be subjected to it).   But why pets who are put on Earth to love their humans.  Why conduct experiments on something that loves you?
If you feel the same way, there is something you can do.  Tommy’s sister Freddy has already sent this link to our TB friends,but we want to send it to a larger audience.
To sign a petition to prevent the University ofMissouri from using beagles for experiments, please click on this link
We can’t stop all the animal cruelty in the world, but we can slow it down, one person at a time.


  1. We will click. I remember the Soviet scientists were so sorry that they had killed the cosmo dogs in their space program. So sad

  2. That is heart crushing. We will sign too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. We, simply, cannot understand anyone wanting to make animals suffer for any cause....

  4. we are signing
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Have signed. Such terrible cruelty is inflicted on animals in the name of "science" Here in the UK the Royal Veterinary College has been deliberately breeding dogs with painful debilitating illness to experiment on to find a cure for similar conditions in humans - it breaks my heart to read of these things :-(


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