Friday, September 30, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Defending the Shamed

Before I became a judge, while I was on the mortal side of the River of Life, I was known as the best dog attorney in seven counties.  My instinct to protect innocent dogs accused of crimes will be never be abated.
This is why I find Dog Shaming websites abhorrent.  Parents act as prosecutor, judge, and jury:  They find their dogs guilty and publicly shame them.   I am here do defend them.
Here is my first client:
Dog shaming one.jpg
Apparently, there was poop on the bed.  With no DNA testing, it is impossible to determine who pooped.  Of course, the Mom said the dog did it.  She would not want to admit she pooped on the bed.  The proof is in the note.  “Then I tucked it in.”  How does a dog tuck in poop?  Dogs don’t make beds.  Dogs unmake beds.  Also, the dog is “Not Sorry.”  We dogs are always sorry even if we did nothing wrong, except if we are falsely accused.  Finally, the dog has a treat bone.  What human gives their dog a treat bone after pooping on the bed.  Obviously, we must find this dog innocent.
This is my second client:
mys second client.jpg

Check out the wording.  “I ate Mommy’s Brand New Shirt!” Not just Mommy’s shirt but brand new shirt.  Why are the words “brand new.”  I think the mommy tore her shirt, and she tried to return it but did not have a receipt.   In an attempt to get a new shirt she showed this picture to the woman at the store hoping her dog’s confession would lead to her getting a new shirt.  My client will not be a party to fraud.
Presenting client number three:
client 3.jpg
No one likes a dog that is outside barking, even though it is not the dog’s fault.  It should not be outside.  Be I am only interested in the innocence of my client.  They say you should squirt a barking dog with water to quiet him down.  Well my client doesn’t have a water bottle but does have a penis.  He is trying to train the barking dog and make the neighborhood more peaceful.  At least his dad has a sense of humor.
My fourth client:
cliet four.jpg
How does a dog steal from the trash?  It is trash.  Once it becomes trash, you have given up all your rights to the property.  He simply removed the Wasabi from the trash.  You don’t want him eating Wasabi then make sure you eat it all.  There are starving children in Alaska who would love Wasabi.

Remember dogs; I am always here for you.


  1. We're totally with you Angel Foley!! No pup should be without the best legal representation possible. My getting my desired amount of treats and rest breaks during my modeling years was totally thanks to your expert legal counsel. Love, Molly and my Mom

  2. Yeah, most of those dog shaming things are usually the humans'own fault, like leaving the trash where the doggie can get to it. If you don't want your doggie to get something, then put it away! If you don't want the doggie in your room/bed, then close the door when you're out. Doggie proof your house the same way you kid-proof it and you won't have these problems!

  3. It's about time someone stood up for these dogs who have been falsely accused. They need a great pro bone (tee hee) judge like yourself.

  4. Well we think the dog that peed on the barking dog through the fence deserves an award! Thank dogness you are there for them Angel Foley
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Wow, you are REALLY good!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I know it makes everyone happy to know that you are there for all of them!

  7. You are so right to defend those dogs from such accusations. It is good to know that you are always there for the defenceless ones - thank you - nose licks from Moth xx


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