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Miracle is our April 9, 2017 pup of the week

As Angels we often have to pray for a miracle, but seldom have we had to pray for a dog named Miracle.
This story goes all the way back to December.  Miracle, a pitbull mix, was living in an abandoned factory in Orangeburg South Carolina. The warehouse caught fire.  Miracle was found limping down the road near the burning factory.  She was picked up by a passerby and brought to animal control.  
They examined her and determined that she had a broken leg and she was producing milk.  Somewhere Miracle had puppies that needed to be located.  
The animal control officer called the fire department and asked if he could take Miracle to the warehouse to find her pups.   The officer was told that the warehouse was not safe.  The officer had to wait four days before he could bring Miracle back to the building in search of her puppies.  They held out little hope that the pups had survived the fire.
Miracle was put on the ground near the warehouse.  Miracle turned and walked towards the neighboring woods.  She came to a little-wooded area in a grove.  She began to nuzzle around, and six little eyes looked up at her.  Miracle had carried her pups from the burning warehouse to the woods where she knew they would be safe then limped up the road looking for help.  The pups waited for their mom to return.
Miracle and her pups were brought to the Dochas n Gra Animal Rescue to be nursed back to health.  The pups stayed with their mom until they were weaned and then they went to the Happy Tail Dog Rescue in Smithtown, New York.  
Miracle remained in South Carolina because, after her leg was X-rayed it was determined that her left leg was broken at the shoulder joint and it needed to be amputated.  Once Miracle was strong enough to travel she was sent to Happy Tails too.  
Victoria McGonigal, who volunteers at the Docha n Gra Rescue said. “I was a blubbering mess when I put her on transport.  You could tell she was so grateful for being found and being taken care of. She would jump in my lap and give me hugs.”
By the time Miracle got to New York her pups had found homes.  Volunteers determined that Miracle must have been, at one time, in a home with a family, given the way she reacted around people.
Right now Miracle is at a foster home.  If the fostering works out Miracle will stay there.  If not there are 40 people who have volunteered to give Miracle a home.
None of us are surprised by Miracle’s heroic actions.  We all know our parents will do anything to save us.  Both human parents and dog parents.


  1. That made me cry. You probably know, but I donate all of my book sales to smaller animal rescue groups, well into the six figures at this point with two of the books staying at #1 for a while. (God does his little miracles) If you can give me a link to that organization, I will make sure they get a check. Abby Lab's mom L.B.

  2. What a story!!!! Miracle deserves a very special home where she will be loved beyond love - she is our heroine!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. Miracle isn what her name says ... a miracle and a hro in my book.-üp

  4. Oh wow. Crying for Miracle and her little family. Thanks for writing this.

  5. What a all time wonderful story.
    stella rose

  6. She is indeed a smart and courageous dog. We are so glad she will be loved for life.


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