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Monday Question

What are your grooming habits?  Do you go to the groomers?  What is your bathing schedule?  Do you have any other secrets? 

Our answer:  We have been going to our groomers, Groomingdales, since before Foley was born.  The groomers helped us find River Song.  Her ex-boyfriend lives there.  We get bathed, usually, once a week.


  1. Whew, we are so lucky. We get brushed almost daily. But we don't get baths that often. Too hard for Mom unless she just uses the hose. We usually get a full grooming - bath, blowout, nail trim, furpad trim - about four times a year. Now Muddy Misty does get the bucket brigade whenever she gets into the mud:( That happens way more often than makes the Momster happy.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. Mom said labs fur doesn't shed really bad, mat, or get stinky too easy. I get a bath every three months during the spring to fall time, sometimes spacing out the winter one by another month, with a nail trim each time. We go to a groomer who is close by. I love it way better than the big pet store groomer as it's in a little brownstone building, and when I'm done, rather than be put in a cage I'm in a former back room that's gated and has rugs and dog beds and toys. It's like being at home. I happily stay there until I'm completely dry and Mom comes to get me. Abby Lab

  3. The Poodles go to the groomers for a spa day and trim, but the dogs have DIY day at home. Everyone gets brushed every day.

  4. Groomingales is a great name

  5. Groomingdales....BOL!

    We live in fear....We never know when SHE will swoop down on one of us for a bath and grooming. I, Roxy, usually get a bath after rolling in something. The scotties get an after-river dunk, sometimes a whole bath if particularly dirty.

  6. we have short hair and don't need baths too often. mom & dad do our nails every couple of weeks.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. oh how great is that to get a bath once a week... I've got no bath by now... but I hope I can jump in that bathtub soon... I bet I will like it... yes, I'm weird LOL

  8. Mom tries to bath us1 time per week to help with our itchies. She is always sticking her fingers in our ears too
    Lily & Edward

  9. I go to the groomers once a month winter and summer. During the warmer summer months I get clipped almost bald. I'm a bit longer in the winter. During the winter months Mom tries to give me a bath every two weeks... If it's horribly cold I get a bath once a month during the winter. Summer time I get a bath once a week. Plus winter or summer I get my paws wipes every time I come inside. I'm embarrassed to say even though I'm a fierce brave hunting pupper Mom has baby wipes she uses to clean me up with as well... ~sigh~ I keep telling Mom she needs to ease up on this clean pup stuff does she ever listen? Of course not!

    Molly the fierce hunting pup who is forced into being being a clean freak

  10. Mom and dad bath us whenever we get fragrant OR if we are long enough to need a haircut (about every 3 weeks). We used to go to a groomer but then we hated being away from our pawrents so we begged them to do it.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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