Friday, April 21, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Shared World

I am used to getting prayers about tomorrow:  Please let the surgery go well tomorrow, please let me pass my test tomorrow, please let her tell me that she loves me tomorrow, but lately I have started to get prayers about tomorrow, and these prayers are asking that tomorrow comes.
I don’t know why man created a bomb that could kill the planet.  One theory is that humans, in their never ending quest to save the world, and their uncontrollable instinct to do things backward, created a weapon capable of destroying the world to save the world.  As with most things humans, their plan backfired.
Now lots of countries have lots of bombs that can end the world all believing these weapons will keep them safe.  It is like setting the kitchen on fire to save the living room without realizing that it will burn the entire house down.
A group of dogs is a pack; a group of cats is a clowder, a group of cows is a herd, and a group of people with power but always seeking more is called a government.
The first thing a government does is to try and protect itself, and the best way humans can figure to protect themselves is to blow things up.  Every time one government blows things up another one tries to blow more stuff up.
And they never stop to think that they are not the only creatures on sharing this planet.  People are afraid of snakes, bears, sharks, and lions that none of them ever came together to end the world.  Instead of fearing animals humans should look to the animals who have been riding this planet longer than they have and have never started a war.
I often hear people say that the Big Guy won’t let anything bad happen to the people of Earth.  Let me dissuade you of that notion.  He created this vast, self-sustaining, life-giving planet to give billions of people a place to live and thrive.  It is up to each generation, who is only on the planet for 100 years, to care for the Earth and return it in a better fashion, or at least as good as they found it.  The current generation on Earth is the first to leave the planet in worse shape than they found it, and there are no guarantees that they will even live in inhabitable.
I know you humans cannot change what your government does.  But you can make the world a better place.  Simply follow the example of the animals and be kind to one another. If every person tried to be kind to a person once a month for April, and then added one more person for each upcoming month, soon the world will be a kinder place, and maybe the kindness will rub off on the governments who will be less likely to want to destroy a cruel world.
If there are people, then there are no prayers and if there are no prayers than we are out of a job.  The immortal world is constantly growing to make room for additional spirits, but we don’t have room for the souls of every person alive to arrive at once.  We angels will be jobless, and with the overcrowding homeless, and the immortal life will become as unbearable as the mortal one.
I am going to pray that mortal souls have one more day on their planet.  Every day I will make this prayer, and hopefully, I will be saying that prayer for a billion days.
But you on the mortal side need to start taking care of your planet and each other.  There is only so much the angels can do.  


  1. Entirely true and very well said Angel Foley... Every being on earth could use a little more kindness,a little more trust, and lot less paranoia.

    We're tipping our tail to you on this one Angel Foley. Thank you for always sharing you wisdom with us here on the mortal side.

  2. We think you are right about the power of prayer, but we are not sure how to handle evil people who also get power and kill other people.

  3. A very thoughtful and timely essay! The Dalai Lama says, "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

  4. You are so very wise Angel Foley. We try to be kind and yes we pray for many more days on this planet
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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