Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cena is our July 30, 2017 Pup of the Week

Here at Rainbow Bridge, we honor our veterans.  Whenever some soul who has served passes to the Immortal Side the other veterans put on their uniforms, and we others stand as attention, as a ceremonial fife and drum corps leads them to their true forever home.
This week I had the immense honor of swearing Cena, a Marine dog from Muskegon, Michigan to Rainbow Bridge.  He was accompanied by heavy clouds of rain holding the tears of all who mourned him.  When these cleared the cheers from all of us who respected him rang out over the mountains and valleys
Cena had spent ten-years on the mortal side.  He had retired from the Marines with honors.  He was never wounded in battle but he could not escape the heartless damage caused by the bone cancer that took him away from his comrades.  
Cena had been partnered with Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung in 2009 for a nine-month stint in Afghanistan.  His duty was a very important one. He had to sniff out bombs to keep his comrades alive.
When their tour of duty was completed Cena and DeYoung were rotated back to the United States.  As per course, they were separated.  DeYoung suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.  The doctors realized what would be best for DeYoung was to be reunited with Cena, who had been retrained as a service dog.  They would spend the next four years together.
It is true with all pets and their parents, but maybe more so when you have gone through great stress with one another, that the bond is unbreakable.  “My whole adult life I've had Cena. When I was 19 overseas learning how to be responsible, I had Cena. And now I'm 27 and I'm having to say goodbye to one of the biggest pieces of my life,” DeYoung told NBC’s Nightly News. “This dog saved my life. I trust him more than I trust most human beings.”
Cena was given a hero’s send off.  He was paraded past crowds of adoring fans in an open jeep. Everyone waved goodbye to their protector.  DeYoung, in his uniform, took Cena from the jeep and carried him in his arms to the veterinarian who helped him cross over to Rainbow Bridge.
Since arriving here Cena has desperately tried to let Jeff know he is still with him  For any parent, losing a pup is devastating, but when that pup was by your side through the horrors of war, and then helped heal you from the effects of the war, the loss is immeasurable.
Most of all Cena has to find a new therapy dog for Jeff to hit him deal with the travails of everyday life and heal his heart from Cena’s loss and his own sacrifices.
I am sure Cena will be successful at his tasks.
Never bet against a military dog


  1. a big hug to cena... I bow my head to honor the fourlegged hero...

  2. What a very special dog Cena was. I do hope Cena can find a new furfriend to help Jeff
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Thank you for looking after that dear boys, he touched many a heart during his short life.

  4. So glad that our heroes are honored at the Rainbow Bridge, Thank you for telling us Cena's story

  5. Oh my goodness the tears are falling here for Cena and Jeff.
    Sending pug prayers for comfort to both of them
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. We knew when we saw the picture our mom would be bawling all overs the house, but thats okay cos hearts hurt when stories like this happen. We hope Jeff finds his new dog and we are sure with Cena's help he will. What an honor to have Cena working for this country. Mags and Momma

  7. We saw that wonderful story on the news last week. Every human should be so lucky as to have a pup like Cena, and every pup should be blessed to have an owner like Jeff. Cena lived an amazing life and was sent off with the honor and dignity he sol deserved.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. He is a special kind of dog fur sure!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Bless DeYoung. Sending prayers to him.

  10. Rest in Peace sweet baby. From one soldier to another thank you for uour service.