Friday, July 14, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Foley Gives Flying Lessons to the New Claas

Alright new angels, gather around.  Mom’s butterfly bushes are finally in bloom, so it is time for another round of butterfly flying training.  Nora, I know your wings are beautiful, but you have to stop staring at them.  You can’t fly straight like that.
Okay, now we are all going to land on the bush.  Keep your head up, and your wings pointed outward.  There is a very little breeze today, so it should be easy.  Bailey pulls up, pull up.  Okay, Bailey landed on the ground, Ruggles help him onto a branch.
Beaux Jangles what are you doing on the roof?  Get down here at once.  You are going to get sucked into the exhaust, and I didn’t take out insurance on these butterfly bodies.  Do not make me turn this Kaleidoscope around.
Um, Sydney, you do look very pretty, you don’t have to groom yourself, and butterflies don’t have tongues anyway so stop trying.
Noel tries not to be too excited.  I know you spent lots of time in the shelter and you are finally outside and free but don’t wander off.
Alright everyone gets in formation behind Jazzy.  You have shown the most promise girl, I am sure you can lead these butterflies on a trek around the house.
Brutus, you have to flap your wings a little bit more.  Don’t be afraid.  You aren’t in your muscular body anymore, you are a delicate little butterfly.  Flap and lift off, there you go.  You are a great butter dog.
Who is that near my Mommy.  I told you all she was working in the garden.  Is that you Bilbo.  Stop flying into my Mommy’s head.  I know her hair smells pretty, but we have to leave her alone.
Wow, look at that butterfly going way up in the tree.  Is that you Cocoa Puff?  I knew you were going to get the hang of this quickly.  I am glad you picked out an all black body.  Your mom will know it is you.
Hannah Banana you are doing great.  You have the least angel experience, but you have always been a good rule follower.  Your yellow wings are stunning.  I know your mom is going to love to see you.  I hope you can stay in a butterfly body for a long time in Arizona.
You are all doing great, look out for the bay window.  We have to learn not to fly into the glass.  Who is the butterfly with the biggest body?  Is that you Tiny?  That is really funny.
You need to rest Rose?  That’s OK.  Don’t let your siblings put pressure on you.  You take things at your own pace.  
I don’t want to start any trouble but you dogs should know that Barney and Josie the Cats are out flying all you pups.  It must be that nine live thing that makes you more daring.
Ruger, slow down, you almost flew into that tree.  Boy, that is the problem with German Shepard butterflies, they always want to fly too fast too soon.
Oh wow look at Mr. Bailey, he is doing loop da loops.  You are ready to go visit your mom.  I think you better go soon.  I don’t know how long butterfly season lasts in Idaho.
I know Luca, it is winter where you mom is right now, but when her butterfly season comes, you are going to be the readiest of all.
Don’t be shy Pancho.  You are part of our crazy pack now.  I know being a butterfly can be more fun than being a dog.
Good news Buddy Boy!  You have graduated with flying colors.  Now head up north and see your mom.
And congratulations to Pintus.  You got our best butterfly award.   Your body is beautiful, and you fly magnificently.
Now that you have all graduated go visit your humans.  They will be thrilled to see you.


  1. Oh yes, the humans will be absolutely thrilled!

  2. We'll be watching for our angel butterflies!

  3. A great job of teaching...can't wait to see the flight

  4. We would love to see that! Thanks for a wonderful story!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Thank you for such a heartwarming story (and the photo is beautiful)

  6. Thank you, Angel Foley and Mom, for including our dear kitty, Barney. He loved dogs so I know he's having a great time flying with them. A beautiful and happy story.

  7. Awww, that was so sweet - you have made a lot of humans very happy.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. We don't see too many butterflies but we saw a white one today. Was that you Mr Bailey??
    Hazel & Mabel