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Saving Princess

This is Princess. Today, while shopping at Target, my dad noticed a bunch of people standing around a car in the lot. When he went over he saw there was a little white dog in severe distress in the back seat of the locked car. The sunroof was open a crack. One of the women gathered around the can said she had called the police and fire department a half hour before. Another woman said that before the authorities were called she had the car's license plate number announced in the store. No one responded. A third, who found the dog, said she noticed it when she was getting into her car. Her receipt showed she had checked out of the store 45 minutes before. It is legal in Massachusetts to break into a car if a dog's life is in danger. Mommy had now joined Daddy outside. Daddy went to the trunk and took out a crowbar. He was going to pry the sunroof window off the car, climb in and get the dog. Just as he was about to get to work the fire department arrived. They opened the door using a long hook they stuck through the sunroof. The fire men were not allowed to touch the dog so Daddy got in the car and took the dog out. The dog was still panting heavily. People began to pour their bottle water over the dog's head. The fire department took the temperature inside the car. It was 115 degrees. A police officer arrived (he is a friend of Daddy's, Daddy's sister is married to his brother) and he took everyone's information. The woman and her daughter finally came out of Target. She looked at Daddy, who was still holding the dog, and said "Princess?" like the dog was caught breaking into cars. She went to take the dog from Daddy who told her that she had to talk to the policeman. The woman had no idea she had put the dog in danger. At the policeman's request, Daddy gave the dog back to the owner. Per Massachusetts law, if this was her first offense, the owner is facing $150.00 fine. We want to give thanks to the woman who noticed Princess, the woman who called 911, the police and firemen, and the women who poured water on Princess. Say a prayer for her. She is not in the best of hands.


  1. We are happy so many people were there to help. If the woman didn't know she was putting her dog in danger--she shouldn't have a dog!

  2. OH, that is just such a terrible thing to do to a dog. Some stupid peeps even do it to kids. We are very thankful for all, including your Dad, who worked so hard to save Princess. We sure hope she is OK. And that woman should definitely get a big fine to teach her not to ever do that again!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. Thank goodness you were all there to help this poor dog
    Some people are so stupid. They should not be allowed to have the dog back
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. OMD, how, in this day and age, can anyone NOT know this is a bad thing????! I am so glads your community took action, and Princess is going to be okay. I can only hope that these ignorant women have learned their lesson, and won't EVER do that again! Give your Pops and Moms some slobbery kisses from me, and some nice nose pokes!
    Ruby ♥

  5. Crikey ..... poor little Princess. What a stupid woman. She shouldn't have a dog, aye? It's a shame your Dad had to hand her back. I'm so glad your Daddy was there and all those other good people too. I sure hope Princess never has to go through anything like that EVER again.

  6. At the local dog shows, there's always a prominent sign that says we reserve the right to break your windshield if you leave a dog in your car.

  7. How could she not know that cooking a dog put her in danger?

  8. OMD, how can she not know?? We hope she got the full fine, the public humiliation and taught a lesson! Your daddy is a hero so we hope he got ice cream!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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