Sunday, July 16, 2017

Minnie is our July 16 2017 Pup of the Week (And Prince too)

Every dog has a different reaction when they arrive at Rainbow Bridge.  When Prince arrived earlier this month, he was very distraught about leaving his mom and his pack.  It took all our efforts to acclimate him to the Bridge  He is now getting along much better.  He wanted his Momma Jodi to know he is all better now, with no pain, and lots of love in his heart.
We expected the same behavior from Minnie when she crossed Rainbow Bridge this week.  Minnie was a sometimes member of Tupper and Max’s pack.  In the last weeks of her life, she became a full-time member.  Her then mom had grown weary of Minnie’s peeing in the house and was going to have her sent to the Bridge.  Momma Pam, Tupper and Max’s Mom, and Minnie’s sometimes mom (although in Minnie’s heart Momma Pam was her full-time mom) brought Minnie back into her house.  She refused to send Minnie to us before her time.
This is the second time I have written about Minnie  The first time she ran into the woods away from Momma Pam and didn’t come back.  She had got her leg caught in a bear trap.  She was saved by her dad and uncle.  She recovered from that injury, but it was one of many injuries and illnesses that would plague Minnie during her mortal life.  She had liver problems, and bad hips and back issues.
When Minnie returned to Momma Pam, she had been neglected.  There was a reason for her constant peeing that no one had explored.  She had not been given the required shots she needed, and her hair was hard and brittle.  That all changed when she was back with Momma Pam and Boris.
Minnie was left at the vet for a day as they tested her for Cushing’s Disease.  The only thing that discovered was that Minnie had to go back.  When she returned to Momma Pam’s, she found out that her sweet Dad had custom built stairs for her so she could get on the couch.
Unfortunately, Minnie would not have a long time to spend on the couch.  She stopped eating, and she was in pain when she moved.  The vet discovered that she had advanced liver disease and Cushing Disease.  Momma Pam had kept her promise to Minnie.  She had done everything for her that she could.  But she had to send her to the Bridge.
Tupper and Max awaited her anxiously.  She got to the top of the stairs, and all her pain was gone.  She stood up on her back legs and announced:  “I am very happy to be here, and be a permanent member of the Knarian Clan.  I love my mom and brothers very much.  And what I want, more than anything else, is to go to bed/”
Bed?  We asked.  Don’t you want to play, to visit your brothers, to get your wings?
“Excuse me,” Minnie said.  “I have had liver disease, Cushing’s Disease, hip surgery, been neglected before getting to Momma Pam, and got my leg caught in a freaking bear trap so excuse me if I would like to lie down to a little while.”
When an angel is right, she is right.  Tupper and Max showed her the room they had made for her in their house.   She slept the day away.  Then she got up and was danced with Tupper and Max.  She kissed and hugged everyone and is very happy to be a member of the DS, TB, Blogville family.  She said she wanted to learn everything she could about being an angel and get back to see Momma Pam as soon as possible.
And that she did.  She has been the fastest learned I have ever seen.  Within days she was back visiting her mom as a butterfly.
Don’t worry Momma Pam.  Minnie will be back to see you a lot.  And you are her forever mom now.
As for me, I am left to wonder.  
How much faster would angels learn if we just let them lie down before they trained.
We may have new rules around here.  Minnie rules.


  1. What a beautiful thing to do Minnie! Mes thinks mes going to visit my Mom as a butterfly! And Minnie and Prince is fabulishious dancers!
    Many Kisses
    Angel Nellie Bellie

  2. Minnie had such a pain filled life, we are sure she is gad to be an angel

  3. Such sweeties, both of them. I'm glad dear Minnie got to have a real Mom before she departed.

  4. a hug to Minnie and all angels...