Thursday, July 20, 2017

I Lost my Jump by River Song

Like a first round draft pick who has turned into a bust, I have lost my jumper.  I used to jump in chairs, on the couch, and even the high bed, then one day my jumper left me, and I am floor bound unless I am picked up (which, let’s face it, happens immediately because I am beautiful.  Who can resist this face)?
On Saturday night I jumped on mommy’s recliner.  When I did, I gave out a small yip.  Small yips are not surprising in my house.  Pocket does them constantly.  But I never do them.  My parents checked me over, and I seemed fine.  It was close to bedtime, so I did not leap again that night.
The next morning I went out and did my business.  As I was walking across the wooden living room floor, I let out another yip.  I was checked over, and the coach found no reason to take me out of the game.  I have not jumped since.
My parents went on the Internet to see what they should do.  They did an extensive study of a dozen sites that led them all to the same conclusion:  PANIC.  Daddy held me, and Mommy studied my feet using the most annoying product human's own, her phone (and it’s tiny little light).  I got rubbed, poked, prodded, and worst of all probed.  I didn’t yip.
On my walks, I still either pull or stop in my tracks impeding the momentum of two humans and their little dog.  When my food is brought from the kitchen to the dining room, I still hop on my back legs backward until the food it put down.  I can climb stairs.   I show no signs of pain or discomfort.  But, like a reluctant person on a ledge, I won’t jump.
My parents have tried to entice me to jump by putting a treat on the couch.  I begin to jump, then stop.  The entire mystery has them worried and, as we dogs know, our parents are never more caring or annoying than when they are worried.
My annual trip to the vets is coming up in a couple of weeks.  This is the only thing that has stopped my panicked parents from having already taken me to the vet.  If I am not better the vet will feel me all over and take a guess what is wrong.
On Wednesday when Mommy got home, I jumped in the chair twice, because I was excited to see her, without a yip, but once I calmed down I didn’t want to jump again.  On Thursday morning, when Mommy was putting down my breakfast, I hopped up and down on my back legs.  My parents don’t think I am hurt but I still don’t want to jump.  
In truth, I do like the lifts.  I have been jumping for almost five years.  Maybe I have just retired.


  1. Oh River Song, I thinks maybe you were like Steph Curry last season ~ just tweaked his ankle and couldn't gets his groove back. Then this season ~ wowsa! Maybe you have a tweak you needs to work out, and next season you'll be back to your jump shot! There are treaties in them there couches don't cha know!
    Ruby ♥

  2. I bet you'll be back to jumpin soon.

  3. guess what? I learnt that to use the liftboy aka dad is much more comfy... and I decided to jump no longer in the car... I wait till all treats of the mamas pocket are on my seat and then it only needs 2 seconds till they lose patience and lift me in the car. plan succeeded, ha!

  4. Crikey River Song ..... I sure hope you find your jumper again real soon. I somehow think you will. Maybe you've just lost your confidence for a bit. I'm sure it will return. l

  5. You are the Ryan Leaf of jumping dogs. Why jump when you can panic your humans?

  6. We hope all is better with some rest, River. Sounds like maybe you pinched a nerve in your neck or back?

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  7. Hope your jumping returns without issues!
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. I'm sorry you lost your jump, it could be lots of things and you really need to have the.Vet help you figure it all out.

  9. Our Angel Brother Leroy lost his jump too. When he went to the dogtur the dogtur gave him Rimadyl cuz he had arthritis stealing his jump. Guess what? It turned him into a pup again! Good luck, we hope you find your jump!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Since my stroke a couple years ago, I've lost both my jumper and my spinner. Now I kind of struggle to climb on the couch and I need a little help on the stairs. That's what peeps are for, right?

  11. Strange...but a good strategy to get the pawrents to pay lots of attention to you. We hope it is just a lost jump.
    Dui never learned to jump...

  12. Could it be that River has lost her self-confidence? That happened to Mac a few years back when he didn't make it on the bed in one jump and fell back. From then on, no more bed jumping. Then he did a face plant on the stairs he has going up to the couch - same thing. He still goes up the stairs but reluctantly and always looks to see if someone is around to give him a lift up instead. Good luck in solving that mystery.

  13. Oh no, you lost your jump! I'd be poking and prodding too. I bet that vet will have an idea of what's going on. Vets are very very smart (almost all the time). I hope that you find your jump!