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Monday Question

What is your sleep position?
Pocket:  I curl into as tight a ball a possible and I keep my butt covered.
River Song:  I like to stretch my front and back legs as much as possible to take up as much room as I can. 



  1. We curl up like commas.

    Misty and my minions

  2. I like to curl up tight too!

  3. Oh, anything goes here. We all like to sleep upside down, curled in a honey bun, stretched out on our sides, snuggled together on a bed, and of course Lightning loves to sleep like a froggy doggy:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. me, da phenny is a weim-donut and da nelly sleeps on its back with the legs in the air... he is weird...

  5. I luffs sleeping on top of a BIG pile of Princess cushions....then I suffer slippage as I expand and slide off!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. If I'm too warm I stretch out on my back and sometimes get the added benefit of a tummy rub. Otherwise, I curl up too.

  7. It's a mixed bag here depending on the weather...When it's cold, we curl up tight, but when it's a bit warmer we'll stretch out on our backs.
    Arty, Rosy & Jakey

  8. The two little hound girls sleep curled in a ball but the rest of us sleep on our backs with our legs in the air.


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