Friday, September 27, 2019

Foley and the Dog on the Cliff

"Urgent urgent urgent." The prayer request flew across my desk. Most requests can be studied, processed, then flown up the mountain to one of the Gods so they can decide what action should be taken.   But occasionally there a prayer request so dire they need to be acted upon immediately by the angel receiving them.  

I had two such requests cross my desk last week. The first was from a man begging that his dog be saved. The second was from a dog named Oreo praying that someone would help him. I decided on the spot, even if there would be ramifications and penalties for which I would suffer for acting without permission, that I would be that someone. 

I flew to Colorado Springs where I found Oreo on a cliff. There was a hundred-foot rock wall above him and a 100-foot straight drop below.  Oriole was stuck between a rock and a no place.

I asked Oriole how he got into this predicament. He said he had been on a run with his dad who, as we spoke was frantically looking over the edge and repeating the prayer I had intercepted. When they got done running his dad let him go off-leash. "I was quite foolish" Oreo explained  'I smelled something on the breeze, ran, and the next thing I knew I was like Wile E Coyote. I had nothing below my feet. I began to fall fearing I had taken my last sniff."

"Then I landed. It was quite a shock to my legs and spine but I was okay. I opened my eyes to see which way to go when I realized there was nowhere to go.  I was stuck. I began to pray." 

I told Oreo it was imperative he didn't move. I flew up the sheer rock and entered his dad's ear.  I told him to call 911. It popped into his head like it was his own idea. He dismissed it because he believed the rescuers would not respond to a trapped dog.  If you find yourself arguing with your own thoughts know they aren't yours. It's an angel trying to guide you into doing the right thing. You need to listen to your angels, just as Oreo's dad did when he relented and called the rescuers.

Oreo's dad had forgotten that all people love dogs. The fire department responded in full. They had become accustomed to people slipping off the cliff and needing rescue. This would be the first dog.

The experienced firefighters were able to repel down the ledge and get a reluctant Oreo into the necessary ropes that would lift him to his grateful Dad.  

I stayed in my ghost form until I was sure Oreo was all right.  Outside of a mouth injury, he suffered upon landing he was fine.  He gave me a nod of gratitude before he headed home with his dad. 

I even got a commendation from the gods. I didn't ask for it but it is always nice to know you're appreciated at work.  

Most of the credit belongs to humans.  I don't know if 20 years ago he would be so anxious to save a dog on a cliff. They are recognizing our importance in the daily life of humans.

Oreo, his dad, the dogs and the people who love them appreciate that very much.


  1. We love firemen knowing the value of life--all life--coming to the rescue of all life. Lucky Oreo.

  2. I'm sure glad you acted so quickly and the Oreo got the lift he really, really needed!

  3. I think firemen are called all the time to get cats out of trees. Most are very special people. We are so happy for the happy ending

  4. Good girl, Foley!! That poor doggy must have been so scared!!


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