Friday, September 13, 2019

Angel Tiara's Big Surprise

When Tiara went to the Bridge, leaving her sisters Tashi, Trixie and their grieving parents behind her first inclination were to find a new pup to help her sisters rebuild their parents’ hearts.

But, her parents were not sure if they wanted to make their duo a trio again.  Neither of their parents was getting younger, and they did not want a puppy. A rescue was the only option 

Tiara wasn’t sure what to do. She decided to take a look around the local shelters to see if there was a dog who would fit in the with family.  Her mother, Momma Linda, volunteered at one, and if Tiara could find a dog there, that would be perfect.  

Tiara spent her days interviewing dogs but could not find a pup who would fit with her family.  She was going to give up her search and start concentrating on protecting her family from Hurrican Dorian when she conducted one more interview.  

She found a perfect two-year-old dog who had just been dropped off at the shelter Momma Linda frequented.  After a five minute interview, she told the dog that their mom would be visiting soon, and to act extra cute, so she would bring it home to become part of their family.  The dog, overcome with excitement stood up. That is when Tiara looked down and said, “uh-oh.” 

This dog had something that her sisters did not — a tiny penis. “Don’t worry,” Tiara told him. “It won’t be a problem.”  

She knew it would be a big problem.  She visited her sister’s dreams. They were very excited about a new dog in the family. Then Tiara told them about the red rocket in the room. “He has a what?” Trixie asked.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Tashi said.  “We can’t have that here. We already have one with Daddy, and that thing is nothing but trouble.  Sometimes I can’t settle on his lap. No, Tiara, tell him you were mistaken.” 

But Tiara knew that the dog, even with his thing, would be a perfect addition to their family.  She made a deal with her sisters. She would convince her mom to foster the little boy through the hurricane, and if Tiara could keep the storm away, the girls would not object to him permanently living with them. 

This was a big ask.  It is hard for one little dog to control a thunderstorm, never mind a category five hurricane.  Tiara asked her friends to float over Florida’s east coast and help her blow the storm away. Typically, we would not get involved, because someone would get that terrible storm and suffer from it, but when we learned a young dog’s future was stake, we got to floating and blowing. 

I don’t know if it was just we angels or divine intervention, but Tashi’s house was spared from the storm, and her sisters held up their end of the bargain.  The little boy was accepted at part of the Triple T family. 

The boy was given the name Teddy to keep the full house of Ts. He is going to be a challenge.  Whoever he lived before being dropped at the shelter did not train him. He does not like his leash.  He does most of his business outside but has to wear a band until that becomes one hundred percent. He has tried to mount Tashi, who was very upset, and even more so because Trixie laughed at her.  

Except for the occasional hump, Teddy being a boy has not been a problem.  The girls are more bothered by his energy than his manhood. They live a sedatory life.  Teddy has made the house more exciting. 

Most importantly, he is repairing the damage done to his parents’ hearts when Tashi passed.  He has already learned to snuggle in the bed. From all indications, Tashi made a sage choice. 

And their dad is pleased.  The female to male quota has become smaller.  

We can’t wait to read about Teddy’s adventures.  Welcome, Teddy, another exceptional dog who is spreading sunshine wherever he goes.  


  1. Welcome home Teddy and we hope all settles down soon.

  2. Don't worry. Things will be fine. We've had both male and female doggies all together in this house with no problems.

  3. An occasional hump should be a small price to pay for all that Teddy brings to the house.


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