Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pocket Finds Her Me Time

From kitties to possums to the lost dog lost, it has been a stressful time at Casa Pocket.  I am naturally a jittery dog. With the additional stress, it has been hard for me to get a good night's sleep. 

I consulted my therapist Dr. Vinnie Boombatz. He said what I needed was some alone time.  This went against my instincts. I hate to be alone. But sometimes what we hate is what we need the most. 

The problem was when could I find alone time? My humans don't give me a moment's rest.  They need constant attention. As a dog, I'm obliged to fulfill every request.  
Like most discoveries, I stumbled on my relaxation time by accident.  It started when Papa began stretching himself into a pretzel before he went to bed. It has something to do with a bad back and tight hamstrings.  Mama, River, and I would be in bed for 15 minutes waiting for him. 

I have been known to be forgetful at times, especially in stressful situations. Not having both parents in bed is unusual and worrisome. I’d forget where my papa was and get down to search for him. Moma would pick me up and put me back in the bed, I would get down again, and she would put me back in the bed.  Finally, I got down, and she didn't put me back. 

I found Papa in the backroom all twisted up.  I watched for a little while and then pawed his hand for attention.  He told me to stop. He seemed a little riled up, and I knew what cured that.  I kissed him. "Pocket, please," he said. When I did it again, he picked me up, put me outside the room, and shut the door. How rude. 

I went into the living room and waited on the recliner. In a few seconds, I found myself overcome with a feeling of calm.  No humans taking up the chair, no River Song chasing me from the warm spot on the pillow, no senseless sound from the TV. It was peaceful, and it heavenly. 

That is when I realized I found my me time. It may only be for 15 minutes a night, but when your seven pounds 15 minutes is an eternity. I snuggled down and listened to the peaceful noises outside. For a short time, I had no worries.

Once my Pocket time became a daily occurrence, I made adjustments.  I ordered a nice smoking jacket to relax in. I had a Keurig installed in my kitty condo so I could have something nice to drink. I made some scones and biscuits to enjoy while I relaxed in solitude. In those few minutes, I have to myself my worries float away. 

For 23 hours and 50 minutes a day, I am at the beck and call of my parents. I asked them to respect the 15 minutes before I get in bed as Pocket time. 

Unless they need me, then I will go to them in a flash. I am a dog I can't help it.


  1. we totrally agree with you... a dogs job is never done... maybe therefore humans say working like a dog?

  2. Same thing happens to us when Dad is doing his "zen" time in the morning. So before bed, like you, Pocket, I snuggle into my favorite blankie on the love seat and stay there until Mom asks me to come to bed. I dont wear clothes or drink coffee, though. Maybe tonight I'll check out Mommy's wine glass. Xox Xena

  3. Those of us who have raised kids know just how you feel!

  4. We are so glad you were able to find time for you. Most dogs can't.

  5. Sounds like some darn purrfect down time!

  6. Mom says she should try that. She never gets alone time, we follow her everywhere.

  7. We feel for you pocket! We have to be alert when SHE's moving around so we don't get left behind, or Vacula comes out. And we have to watch for cats and birds that invade. But it seems you found the perfect 'alone time' for yourself.

  8. I guess our alone time is when Mom & Dad go both go somewhere. We each go in our own crates but we are next to each other so I guess we are not really alone
    Mabel & Hilda


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