Sunday, September 1, 2019

Ranger is our September 1, 2019 Pup of the Week

Rainbow Bridge is a lousy place to make new friends, especially on your first day.    It’s like trying to make friends on a crashing plane. There is so much fear, nervousness, and emotion; it is impossible to make a permanent connection.  But, still, I try.

On Tuesday, I went to Hobo’s Landing to swear in another new angel, as I have done for more than six years.  I can still remember the day I arrived. Mine was not by fate, but by appointment. I took the position as a judge at the fourth district of Rainbow Bridge after becoming the most famous dog attorney in the world. 

The change from the mortal world to the immortal one is shocking.  Dogs discard their barks and speak the common tongue. Many of us choose to walk upright, emulating humans. You meet all your parents' dogs who came before you, and every human, dog, cat, or other animals you encountered on the mortal side.

When I met Ranger this week, I knew this little black and white baby would have been a close friend of mine if had we met on the mortal side. He was so sweet and had a kind soul. I wanted to introduce myself, but many dogs and humans were waiting for him. Before I could get a word in he was whisked away. 

I was still thinking about the little cutie the next morning. Being a critical judge, I have on my I Paw access to the location of every angel. It took me five minutes to locate him. I decided to give it a day before I approached.  The only day as hectic as your first day at the Bridge is your second. 

On the third day, I made a picnic lunch consisting of chicken, liver, and rabbit then went to his house and knocked on the door.  When he answered, I introduced myself and told him why I was there. He said he would love to go on a picnic. We found a sunny spot on a hill and told me his story. 

Ranger had spent 12 glorious years with his family.  Then he began having seizures. He wheezed when he breathed and shook when he walked.  "It was a tough existence,” he told me in between bites of chicken. “While I loved my family and would have stayed like that with them forever, my Mom made the most difficult decision a parent can make. She sent me to the Bridge, transferring all the pain from me to them.  

"My mommy, daddy, and skin brother have been crying since I left.   They are worried they sent me too early. They feel terribly guilty too.  I wish I could figure out a way to let them know they did the right thing, that I am very grateful for their sacrifice and that someday we will be together.  I want to tell them that I am well, and will see them again.”

I asked him if he had visited his mom on a dream date.  He said he had, but could not knock down the door between the conscious and unconscious, so his mom did not remember it.  I then suggested he borrow a flying body: A butterfly, pretty bird, ladybug, or any other winged creature would suffice. They can fly back and forth between the mortal and immortal worlds I would advise his mom if she sees a pretty bird, or a songbird, or a butterfly, to know it is Ranger coming to visit her.  

“If you cannot do that, then appear as a ghost,” I told him.  “Your parents might see you, out of the corner of their eyes, for just a fleeting moment, and they will dismiss it because humans have such a hard time excepting what they don’t understand.  But it will register in their hearts and help them heal.” 

We looked at one another, smiled, and then we both flew as ghosts to visit his parents.  Maybe, just maybe, his parents, for just a fleeting, his parents will see him, and feel his love in their hearts.  In the world of ghosts, a second is a lifetime.

Ranger is devoting his immortal life to showing his parents that he is okay and easing their pain.  It is a very noble goal. I will help him in any way I can. 


  1. I am sure dear Ranger will deliver that most important message soon.

  2. We know Ranger's parents will feel the love.

  3. they will feel the love... love is immortal...

  4. Too soon.. too late... there's always guilt. 🙏 for Ranger's pawrents.