Monday, September 2, 2019

Monday Question

There are seven things dogs should not do when you meet a stranger:
1.  Jump
2.  Lift your leg
3.  Go for the crotch
4.  Be aggressive
5.  Be shy
6.  Bark
7.  Nip
How many do you do?
Pocket:  We both bark and jump.  We are too small to do the others.  We certainly aren't shy.


  1. Bella is shy, Dui lunges and tries to bite, Roxy sometimes lunges, but tries to stop Dui. And we all bark if we're behind the gate.

  2. ha! seems we hit da jackpot 7 out of 7 yay!

  3. Xena barks and acts shy. I just wiggle a lot and ask people to pet me. I don't do any of those bad behaviors. Lucy

  4. Misty: captivate them with my cuteness
    Timmy: ignore them
    Chamois: bark

  5. I just bark. Most of the time I'm barking to tell them, come in and sit down already so we can visit!

  6. Probably the only thing we do (Misty and Timber) is jump, and we are getting pretty good at not doing that any more too. Mom has worked hard to get us to stop. Lightning just stands and watches and eventually makes his move in for some petting.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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