Thursday, September 5, 2019

Little Dog Lost by River Song

A leaky outside faucet can save a life.

It started when the splitter we had on the outdoor faucet began to leak.  My parents bought a new one. Putting it on was more challenging, and took longer than anticipated because the faucet was recessed and Daddy could not screw it on normally.  He had to unscrew the faucet, pull it out, and put on the splitter. What was a one minute job now took ten minutes. Then he began to water the front garden. 

That is when a senior black and white lab, with a grizzled chin, came from around the corner and sat next to Daddy.  It had no tags but looked well cared for. Obviously, it was lost.  

This was the third dog we have found in our yard.  The other two were tiny. Daddy picked them up and walked around the neighborhood until he found the parents. This dog was too big to carry.  There was no collar. The dog did not object when Daddy slipped a leash around his neck. They set off looking for the owner.

They came upon three women walking together. Pocket and I see these women a lot. We usually bark loudly to their delight and my parent's chagrin. Daddy asked if they knew who belonged to the dog. One of the women was sure the dog lived on the cul-de-sac in the back. Daddy and the black dog began waking.

It was a long slog to the back cul-de-sac. The old dog kept up. Dad noticed the Seresto collar and a bandana around his neck. Sadly there were no tags. He was a well cared for dog who walked better than we did. Daddy hoped they were on the right track and would find his owner.

Daddy knocked on the door at a house in the back of the cul-de-sac. It took a long time for the person to answer.  Daddy knew this would be problematic. It was almost 7:30. In the middle of sundown. Many of his senior neighbors were asleep. Finally, a woman opened the main door but was too nervous to unlock the screen door. Through the window, Daddy asked if she recognized the dog. She peered at it like she was trying to identify a mugging suspect who performed his heinous deed on a foggy night. After an interminable period of time, she shook her head no.  Daddy tried the other houses but got no answer. 

They walked back, and he saw the same group of women.  One of them said they meant the cul-de-sac on the other side of the development. Daddy thanked the woman, and he and the dog continued southward. They came to the two houses at the other cul-de-sac. At one home, no one answered. At the second  Daddy knocked on the porch door and when there was no answer, he went inside and knocked on the main door. He glanced down and saw a handgun on the table by the door. He fled. 

A couple of houses down a door was open. Daddy knocked on it, and when someone answered, he asked if anyone knew the dog.  "No dogs like that around here," the man said, "maybe try the other side."

Dejected Daddy thought he would never find the dog's owner. Meanwhile, the dog was having the time of its life. Every house they came to he hurried up the steps like it was his home.  He both read and wrote pee-mail. What a day to be alive. 

They walked down the road and came upon a cookout. Daddy asked if anyone had seen the dog. A man jumped up and said, "Oh, it's Mr. Gay."  Daddy didn't let on that he had no idea who this gentleman was. They all stood around the dog and gave him lots of attention, but no one knew to whom he belonged.  The man who knew Daddy said if no one came for the dog by Monday, he would take it. Daddy was happy about that, but he still wanted to find the owners. One of the people, enchanted with the dog, took a picture.

Daddy brought the dog home. He correctly determined that the dog could neither come in the house, which would freak me, Pocket, and him out, and could not be put on the porch where Pocket and I would be sniffing and barking as long as he was there. My Dad put a blanket down in the shed and told the dog to lie down.  He put a chair in front of the door so the pup could not escape.

Periodically Daddy would check on the dog. He was always standing by the door with his tail wagging wondering when he would be allowed to come inside. It was sad. He put the dog’s picture on a Facebook group, called animal control, and a notice in the mailroom.  It seemed like we would need a miracle to find this baby’s family.

Thankfully I have a sister angel who specializes in miracles. I contacted her to come down and help the dog.  I will let her tell the conclusion of the story tomorrow


  1. oh we hope your sister angel can do a miracle for that pup... and a BIG hug to your daddy for being such a wonderful helping pawson.

  2. Oh my, we can't wait to read the rest of the story.

  3. Now we'll be wondering all day about the fate of the poor lost doggie. We're glad you're Dad is trying to help him. We always worry about lost dogs.

  4. We are sure this will have a happy ending. We know the miracle specialist.

  5. Kudos to Dad for trudging all over trying to find the dog's people!

  6. We have an app on Mom's phone called the NextDoor app. She is always amazed at how many lost or found dogs get posted AND how quickly they get reunited with their owners. We hope your lost pup was reunited too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. You have a wonderful Dad to walk all over trying to help this older dog. We are sure hoping his story ends happy
    Mabel & Hilda

  8. What a nice Pops you have! I hopes this has a happy ending, cause i gots a bowl of poppycorn ready and a margarita!
    Ruby ♥

  9. We just know with Angel Foley involved that there's going to be a big reunion.

  10. Hope your Dad finds where that doggie lives!


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