Thursday, September 10, 2020

After a Long, Winding and Difficult Journey Pocket Announces Tails From Rainbow Bridge III is Available for Purchase.


I am proud to announce that Tails From Rainbow Bridge:  Pups We Lost in 2018 and 2019 is finally available to purchase by clicking the link HERE.  It was a long, twisted route to get this book in print, including subterfuge and me impersonating my sister. 

    Foley has always used Kindle self-publishing to print her books.  She does the writing, and it is up to me to do the hard part, making sure every story begins on a new page, that the picture is under the title and no on the next page, and that they are not too large.  I tell you, writing is the easy part.  Formatting is hell.

    This year Angel Copper told Foley that he would be happy to edit the book, which I am sure everyone who had read Foley’s posts when they were first printed knows is a godsend.  Copper is a fantastic editor, and he improved the book immensely.  

    Once all the edits were made, the book was formatted; an advanced copy was printed and approved by Foley, I informed via e-mail that we were requesting the publisher to put the book on sale.  The next day we got an email saying the work was being held up because everything in it is available online, and they needed approval from the owner of the blog, listed as Judge Foley Monster, to publish.

    This presented us with a couple of issues that made it hard to show that Foley permitted the blogs to be published. 1:  She is a dog.  2:  She is a dead dog.  We might be able to get them to take the word of a dog, but it was doubtful they would listen to a dog who was deceased.

    I saw Foley in my dreams. She told me that I had to meet with the publishers, pretend to be her, and convince them that I had the authority to approve the book being printed.  The good news is that because of COVID; the meeting would be conducted via ZOOM.  The bad news is that I am no Foley.  

    I set up the ZOOM meeting and met with the Barnes and Noble executives.  I told them that I was indeed Foley Monster.  They said that Foley was strong, smart, confident, and articulate.  I peed myself a little and began nervously licking my paw.  After several more questions, I caved and admitted I was not Foley, I was her sister, but I had her proxy, and she said I could publish her work.   The connection went dead, and I did not get an answer.

    We went for a few weeks without getting a response from the Kindle executives.  Foley was afraid that they would never render a decision, and she began to investigate other companies.  She settled on Barnes and Noble’s press and told me to upload her manuscript to them for publishing.

    Everything about the new book had to be reformatted because the template was a different size.  One by one, I went through the 111 chapters and photos to make sure they were all formulated correctly.  Then I had to do a new cover, which was exhausting because it wouldn’t allow me to design one that matched the Kindle cover.   After weeks of working on it, the book was finally ready to be published. The last thing I needed to do was to say the book had not been published anywhere else.  I agreed it couldn’t and clicked publish.

    I got home, opened my email, and saw that Kindle publishing bought my act, and they were now printing our book.  Egads!  Now I had two publishers!  I talked with Foley, and we decided to choose the Kindle book because the proof looked more professional.  I tried to inform Barnes and Noble that we no longer needed the book published, but I got no response.  My gosh!  Now Barnes & Noble will think I am a fraud, and I will never be able to go into their one remaining store in Maine.

    Below I have put a list of chapters so you can see if your angel is featured.   We only get a nickel a book and would have to sell 2,000 to make any money, which isn’t realistic, but that is fine.  We don’t do this for the money, but to honor the dogs and parents we have lost.  That is better than getting paid.

    I hope you enjoy Foley’s latest book, and we are happy to present it to you.  Sorry for the long wait.

    Note:  Below is a list of the dogs and stories featured in the book.   The table of contents needed to be updated one more time, and I did fix it in the Barnes and Noble edition, but not in the Kindle.  Chapter 22 has been removed at Copper’s suggestion because it had to do with a dog rescue from a bad parent, and three other names listed in bold are not listed in the table of contents.  

    Now I am going to lie down.  Being Foley is hard.

  1.     Pepper                           
  2.     Ginger Lynn                             
  3.     The Power of One        
  4.     Atlas and Bosco            
  5.     A Visit from Barney    
  6.     Abigail                             
  7.     Holly                              
  8.     Meow Meow and Kit Kat 
  9.     Shiloh                            
  10. Sarge                            
  11. A Picnic with Lovey        
  12. Guinevere                      
  13. Raiding the Kitty Kibble  
  14. Hunting the Great Gorilla
  15. Prince                            
  16. Battling the Dream Monster 
  17. Saving a Street Dog       
  18. Hobo Hudson in Twilight 
  19. Jackie                            
  20. Shiloh Finds Dakota       
  21. Hannah Banana              

  22. Daisy                             
  23. Hobo                             
  24. Casey                            
  25. Scooter                         
  26. Stella Rose                    
  27. Reba Messina’s Pet Dragon
  28. Presley                          
  29. Finding Hope                 
  30. Lil’ Girl                           
  31. Bowie and Layla             
  32. Jewel                             
  33.   Heart Memories             
  34.   Lucy                             
  35. Summer                         
  36. Wishbone                      
  37. Rainbow Beach              
  38. Moose                           
  39. Sully                              
  40. Summer Finds Music      
  41. Bailey                            
  42. Hobo Hudson’s Dog Finder 
  43. Jake                              
  44. Mia                                
  45. Bretagne                        
  46. Fallon                            
  47. The Day of Sake’s Life   
  48. Muffin                            
  49. Madi                              
  50. Felix                              
  51. Bishop’s Promise           
  52. Axel and Harlee              
  53. Chase and Gucci            
  54. Achilles is Fighting Back
  55. Butkus                           
  56. The Thanksgiving Dinner
  57. Jake the Rake                  
  58. The Freezing Shih-Tzu    
  59. Christmas Decorations   
  60. Josie                             
  61. Koda                             
  62. Stocking the Sleigh        
  63. Duffus                           
  64. Sam and Cosmo            
  65. Peco                             
  66. Max                               
  67. Lady                              
  68. Gordo                            
  69. Maybe I’m Amaised                    
  70. Petey                             
  71. Marshmallow                  
  72.   Fudge                           
  73.   Belle                            
  74.   Liqo                             
  75.   Maverick                      
  76.   Dudley                         
  77.   The School Scandal                 
  78.   Gracie                          
  79.   Maverick’s Mission       
  80.   Tiara                            
  81.   Hazel                                       
  82.   Sabrina                                    
  83.   Pokey Who Said No     
  84.   JuJu                            
  85.   Barry                            
  86.   Sebastian and Noah     
  87.   Hazel and Bobo           
  88.   Layla the Coyote Fighter
  89.   Roxy                            
  90.   Gritt                             
  91.   Sophie                         
  92.   Rosco and Willie           
  93.   Moose and the Big Three  
  94.   Dog Hashtags              
  95.   Scooter Lawson                        
  96.   Bella                            
  97.   Ranger                         
  98.   Tucker and Cosmo                   
  99.    Angel Tiara’s Big Surprise
  100.    Rex Mi Amor            
  101.    Thor                         
  102.    Angel                       
  103.    Dogs Lengthen Life  
  104.    Harley                      
  105.     Tess                            
  106.   A Final Visit                 
  107.   Geordie                         
  108.   Tweedles                        
  109.   Bentley AKA Sir Licks A lot       
  110.   Petey Finds a Lily Rose   



  1. Wow!!!! Congrats. That's a big job.

  2. that is ... amazing... absolutely!!! and you are amazing Foley...that's for sure...

  3. That sounds like fun...NOT! Congrats but dang, that's a long list of lost pups.

  4. Sounds like a lot of sadness and remembrance in this book. It's always bittersweet.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. we had a spellin errorz

      pocket N river; 984 PAWS UP two yur peepulz; de amount oh werk that went inta book three iz incredible, and bee coz we can say thiz, we hope they make 90 bazillion $$$; whether they mind ore knot..... last lee we R sorree to heer bout all yur friendz ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. We just ordered ours since we have five pups represented. Thank you.

  7. You must have beed very committed to keep going through all the trials of getting the book published, Pocket. Hats off to you, as they say.

  8. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! This is amazing! It is wonderful for all these friends to be remembered. Good jo!


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