Sunday, September 27, 2020

Dallas Gets A Familair New Mom



Dogs are not very good at recognizing our living conditions.  We only have eyes for our parents.  That is why homeless dogs never leave.  All that matters is being with them, even if that means sleeping on the sidewalk.

    Dallas was one of those dogs.  He adored his mom and paid no attention when she aged, her mental condition deteriorated, and she became a hoarder. Although the house was packed to the point Dallas couldn’t find bare floor, and her teeth rotted in her head, while her fur came matted, when she was next to her mom, everything else melted away.

    Recently, Dallas’s mom became quite ill.  She was admitted to the hospital, then told to go home, which proved to be a fatal error, because she passed away a few days later.  Luckily, a relative was checking the house and found her.  The relative called the medical examiner, and then she took Dallas home with her, but only temporarily.

    The woman loved Dallas, but she had a dog who could be aggressive around other animals and did not dare bring the small white dog into her home permanently.   When she called animal control, she received very distressing news.  Because Dallas was a senior, if he were not adopted quickly, he would be sent to the Bridge.  The family was baffled.  What neither they nor Dallas knew was that they had angels they had never met watching over them

Dallas’s mom was cousins with Tori’s mom, Aunt Dee.  She had two mighty angels at the Bridge:  AJ and Sabrina.  They knew their departures had shattered their mom’s heart, which had already been damaged when their dad Ward had to go to a nursing home while battling Alzheimer’s.  There is only one antidote for a broken heart, another dog, and one was readily available in her own family.

The two angels got into their mom’s dreams and told her that she not only had to take Dallas but if she did, it would ease her pain.  Aunt Dee was happy to take the pup.  She would never refuse a dog who required help, but she needed help.  Aunt Dee didn’t have the money to pay for the dental work that Dallas needed, the required grooming, and other medical expenses that could arise when adopting a dog who had not received proper health care.  The people managing Dallas’ mom expenses decided to support her medical needs financially.

They agreed that Dallas would live with Aunt Dee, but they had to transport the pup across half the country to bring her to the forever home.  One of Aunt Dee’s young relatives volunteered to drive him.  That seemed splendid until his mother said she was worried because he inhaled copious amounts of cannabis while operating heavy machinery.  One wrong turn, and they would end up in Mexico.  

People like to say, “Jesus take the wheel,” but he is a terrible driver and has no sense of direction.  It is better to let your angels do it. They always travel safely, never speed, and aren’t afraid to ask for advice because they don’t’ believe it is a bad look for the messiah to admit he is lost. 

AJ and Sabrina made sure that Dallas got to her new home without incident.  Dallas was very quiet upon arrival, and Aunt Dee thought she was a very low key dog.  Of course, Dallas was stoned out of her tree, and once it wears off, more of her true personality may come through, but it was an excellent first meeting if you are not bothered that it was chemically enhanced.

The angels were very pleased with the outcome.  Aunt Dee saved Dallas, and as we know, when you save a pup, they tend to save you too. Their song is just the beginning, but the angels truly believe that Dallas is in the best home he could ever find, and Aunt Dee has another love in her life to protect her heart.  The angels are taking pride in a job well done.



  1. Indeed, well done all around sweet Angels!

  2. the angels know it da best... and we are so happy for dallas

  3. Wow, what a story and wild ride. Some dogs get Valium to ride, others get stoned.

  4. WE are very happy that Dallas made it to her new home! That must have been quite a ride!

    Kiki and Rosie


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