Friday, January 20, 2023

Friday Fill-Ins


 Hi mobsters! It is time for Friday Fill Ins.

Four legged Furballs and 15 and Meowing have provided the statements to be completed in black and the answers of me, Ruby Rose, are in red.

Here I go!


1. Remembering the days of my youth, last April makes me feel old.
2. Pooping makes me feel young. When I am finished I run around like I just intercepted a pass and am celebrating. Then I spike a stool and pose.
3. Recently, these weird people I live with came in very handy.
4. I think that working is the most useless thing to do. All I am saying is give snuggles a chance.


  1. Those were fun fill in answers! We had to giggle at #3....

  2. Your fill ins made me laugh! Flynn used to poop then run off as if his tail was on fire!

  3. Great answers, Ruby! Pooping does make us feel so much better!

  4. Excellent answers as ever Ruby. Would love to see your post-poop celebration.

  5. Ruby, we agree that snuggles are better than anything else!

  6. Ruby! Your Fill-ins sure made us laugh! And we too agree there is NOTHING better than snuggles! Keep on being awesome! Marv

  7. Phod also likes to run when he has finished his business. The feeling of lightness brings him joy. Lee and Phod

  8. Supurr fill-ins! Melvyn is right there with mew on #2! MOL MOL


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