Thursday, January 26, 2023

Poetry Thursday




It's Pretty Poetry Thursday

Here is the inspiration provided for us by Angel Sammy and Teddy

Here is our offering

Nora's parents one said

Looking at the stuffies on the bed

You get more and more

But they never come in the front door

Nora noticed it too

There were a few that were new

Then she noticed Suzie Lou Beat was wearing a tent

Lifted it up to find out she was pregnant

She knew this activity must stop

So she called the Build a Bear Workshop

They said their must be a glitch

And if she brought it in they could take care of it with a stitch

After more stuffies were on the bed

And not allowing any copulation without stuffies being wed

She backed out of the garage her little put put

And tossed in the back seat the little slut

But soon she found there the doctor left something out

Soon randy male stuffies covered the car

Stopping her from driving far

And Nora cried from the front seat 

"Never give a ride to a stuffy in heat.






  1. that is a hot poem!! we love that!!!!!

  2. Finally, an explanation for all that plague of stuffies!

  3. Oh yes. Stuffies in heat is not a good thing!

  4. Hmm, we didn't know stuffies could go in heat...maybe all ours were spayed before we got them. XOX Xena

  5. stuffies in heat...what an awful thought iffy ya have 'em in the house.

  6. BOL BOL BOL BOL Ruby Rose it seems we all took away the same thought 'stuffies in heat' from you poem.
    HUGS Cecilia

  7. HA! As soon as I saw that photo at Teddy's place I knew you'd nail this one.

  8. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa! Mom laughed so hard, coffee came out her nose. We LOVE it when that happens. Purrs Marv


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