Thursday, January 19, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Welcome to Poetry Thursday

This week’s inspiration as provided by Angel Sammy and Teddy

Sandy, saw Luke walking home,

Carrying what she assumed was a great big bone.

Then to the heavens she did beg.

Please don’t let that be a leg.

She cried. “Luke, what did you do?”

Luke answered, “I just brought something home to chew.”

“But why did you bring the leg?” Sandy said.

He answered, “Because I couldn’t get a good bite on the head.”

She knew she had to find the appendage’s owner

And hope she could persuade them not to make Luke a goner

she remembered she used to baby sit

The neighborhood peg-legged pirate

With Luke by she side she knocked on the door

And saw the one legged pirate letting out a roar

He threatened to go to the police because his leg was taken

And Luke’s soul would be forsaken

But Sandy said he would not be doing anything shady

Because the leg he was using belonged to a lady


  1. Absolutely brilliant!!!! MOL MOL MOL Happy weekend sweeties!

  2. That's the best poem for that picture we've read. What a funny story.

  3. That's a good chew. Boston would stay busy for a long time with that leg.

  4. Luke you know what you like and go for it. Ruby Rose high fives on your poem perfect for the photo
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Ruby! You are the best! I am still laughing! Purrs marv


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