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Napoleon is on the March to his Forever Home



Foley and I have split up the duties, Foley will welcome dogs who arrive at the Bridge, and I will help facilitate a dog finding a forever home. When Jacques, Francois, and Cricket said they wanted a young brother, I went to the Land of Those Yet to Be Born to find the perfect Pom to join their pack.

I interviewed a group of them, and there was one I thought would fit perfectly. I set a dream date for the three current pack members to meet the new applicant. Before that, I needed some information, including his name.

"I am Napoleon Bonaparte!" the little Pom announced.

"How cute," I told him, "you are named after a famous general."

"No," he said proudly. "I am Napoleon Bonaparte. After an extended stay as a minion, I completed my rehabilitation and was offered a chance to return. I chose to be a Pom."

I was ready to dismiss him as a nut job, but Foley said it is not unheard of; Genghis Khan became a golden retriever puppy dog who loved belly rubs and is now living with a family in Happily Ever After. Pol Pot hopes to be a Siamese cat, but he still has a long training to complete to get there.

Foley said I should leave it up to the trip to look for a new sibling, so I met with them, told him all of Napoleon's beautiful attributes, and hols he should be a great sibling, except that he thinks he is the former leader of France.

"That is fantastic," Jacques said. "We all have French names, and he will fit in perfectly if he doesn't invade Russia in the winter.

I set up the final meeting, and the four of them got along like a group of mimes at the Louver. Napoleon told them stories of his gallantry, and his soon-to-be siblings were enthralled. "He's the very model of a modern major general!" Cricket said.

"Hey," Napoleon said. "No English songs, and if I see a Corgi, I am biting it in the butt twice.

Napoleon is still jealous of Great Britain.

Napoleon had some growing up to do before he moved into his forever home, his first since Saint Helena. When he arrived at his New York headquarters, his mom and sibling instantly fell in love with him and put away most of his ideas of conquering nations.

As long as an English Bulldog doesn't move in next door.



  1. Purrfect! I am so glad that Napoleon is a Pom! Can you imagine if he thought he was Admiral Nelson? Upon occasion, I Marvelous channel my inner Rumi. “What you seek is seeking you.” ― Rumi

  2. Wow! I can't even imagine who any of my dogs could have channeled.

  3. Talk about a match made in heaven, that's it fur sure!

  4. Here Lady thought everybody wants to be a cat, turns out they want to be a dog! Lee and Phod


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