Thursday, January 12, 2023

Poetry Thursday


 Welcome to Poetic Thursday, hosted by our pals Teddy and Angel Sammy 

at Two Spoiled Cats.

They have given us this picture for inspiration. 

Chad was a cad,

A man most bad

He could not stay with one woman

And changed them faster than he did his linen.

One day he felt poorly

And burst into his doctor’s office rudely.

The doctor gave him the once-over

And the full disclosure.

He said he had gonorrhea,

And then said see you

Leaving me with no idea

Of what could rhyme with gonorrhea.

Chad was sad

Because he was a bad lad

With many sexual liaisons

Who he needed to come clean about his actions,

So he contacted them all

And, to save time, rented out Carnegie Hall

To tell them to take penicillin

And that he was a villain,

But the word of his diagnosis got out,

And the women agreed he was a lout,

So they met him in a row

Causing Chad to say “oh no”

He told them all of his diagnosis 

They all turned as if under hypnosis

To face the dirty putz

And swiftly kick him in the nuts.


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