Friday, January 13, 2023


It is Friday fill-in time

I have been given the following sentences to fill in

Ruby Rose's contributions are in red


1. A recent ear worm I had was a dog incessantly barking for hours, then I realized it was me and I didn't mind the sound.
2. I have no interest in reading the room.
3. I would give my last shred of dignity in exchange for a personal pan pizza!.
4. My Mom early in the morning is my favorite scent. Then she washes all the good stench away.


  1. Bark bark BARK!
    Shaddup out there...
    Oh, it's me!
    What a lovely sound.

  2. Is that why we bark like that?? Hmmm, we must love or voices way too much, BOL! We'd love a pizza too, Mmmm!

  3. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. # 1 cracked me up. :)

  4. I kind of miss the barking these days.

  5. We've never had pizza, but it sure does smell good, so we understand you wanting it so much. We like how our Mom smells too, except when there are stink bombs coming out of her butt while we're under the bed covers with her. XOX Xena and Chia


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