Sunday, January 29, 2023

Ginger Wins the Lottery




 I watch as humans rush out to buy lottery tickets so they can win millions of dollars. Dogs don't have lotteries, but we idol the jackpot, even when we weren't aware we had purchased a ticket.

Subject for your approval: A senior beagle named Ginger who had been surrendered to a shelter by her family, and, in a country where youth is idolized, Ginger's chances of being adopted, even into a subpar home, is slim.

Ginger was content to live in her foster home. It was warm, the food was good, and it was better than the pokey, but she wasn't getting the individual love all dogs need.

She was unaware when, to her south, Freddy Girl went to the Bridge. Also, she did not know the significance when she and her brother Tommy made an appointment to see her in a dream.

The siblings were bickering when Ginger arrived for her meeting with them. Freddy told Tommy she had a plan for her dad to go to the Bridge when she did, but he insisted on boarding up the windows during hurricanes. Tommy said the project wouldn't have worked; they just would have got wet and ended up living in the yard. 

For four hours, Ginger was tested to see if she qualified to be their dad's new dog. Ginger needed to learn what all the fuss was about, and she had to question if this was worth the trouble.

Two days later, Ginger was given the news that she had qualified and would soon go to the best forever home. She knew the pair of beagles loved their dad and was sure she would too, but the "best?" She would see.

There was more work for Tommy and Freddy to do. Their dad was in his mid-80, and Ginger was several miles away. The foster parent agreed to meet him halfway for the exchange, but the Beagle duo visited him in his dreams and convinced the foster dad to bring Ginger the entire way.

She arrived Saturday afternoon. Before she entered the house, she could tell, as all animals know, that this human was unique, he loved dogs with all his heart, and his newest arrival would be no different.

As soon as she entered the house, a feeling of love Ginger had never known overcame her. She could smell her predecessors, feel their love, and see such kindness in her new dad's eyes. She understood why the beagles were so particular with their choice because she was now the man's pet who had done more for people and their dogs than anyone else.

After a meal of top-flight food, Ginger ran into the yard next to Tommy and Freddy, who only she could see.

And she understood she had won the greatest lottery of them all, worth more than a billion dollars.

She was now the only dog of the most loving dog dad around.

And her dad couldn't be happier.


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