Monday, May 22, 2023

Monday Question


How old were your parents when they got their first pet?

What was it?

Since then, what is the longest time your parent hasn't had a pet?

A dog was already living in Mama's house when she was born; they always had dogs and cats throughout her childhood. Her longest time without a pet was three years when she first got married.

Daddy also was born into a family with a dog, a giant beagle. He went 10 years, from after college to marrying Mama without a pet. The rumor that he married Mama just for the pet is false. 


  1. the mama was 6 and it was a berd..... and da dad got a pet as he was 9... he wanted a lion but his parents had other plans and bought him a monkey... well ... hahahaha

  2. Petcretary had canaries and later Budgies...and eventually a dog. She had some goldfish off and on...
    Pawppy had a cat,and all kinds of Scottie dogs...his parents bred them!
    We had no pets for about 6 months after we were married, then we got our first kitty.

  3. Gail had 'Nibbles', the appropriately named Dutch rabbit, when she was six. Then came Arthur the guinea pig, who lived a fine long life but died when Gail was sixteen. Then a long, long gap as she left home, studied, established a career in London, worked in the USA etc., and it was only when she came to Aberdeen, aged 40, that she finally was able to realise a life long yearning for a dog, and she adopted Hamish the Westie. Since then, the biggest pet-free gap was 8 weeks, between Hamish and Bertie.

  4. My dad had a dog growing up and so did my mom but when we kids came along, but it was a very long time before our family had a dog. I know - sad, right.

  5. We're glad your folks have you now, Ruby Rose! Mom had a dog when she was a toddler, then another when she was about 8. Then nothing but a horse until she grew up and got married.

  6. There has always been furry family members in both parents places, always!

  7. Best mine Mommy can remember she was maybe 6-7 years old. Her family lived in a very rural/country kind of place (bazillion years ago) so every lost or abandoned or dropped-off-unwanted dog from the city wound up at the door. Often a few barn cats came along, but after some food scraps they went home! Her Daddy always admonished, "don't you kids go feeding that stray dog now", as the kids threw slices of bologna out the back door. Two-three days later, that same Daddy said, "so, we got to take another one to the vet, huh, check it out before we keep it". And keep them we did, all of them. Year after year ... probably the only time there was no "pet" in her life was during college days ...

  8. Our mom had a family dog when she was 4 but after that pup went to the Bridge about 10 years later the family didn't get another pup. She had 2 cats when she first got her own place in her early 20's and she and dad got their first dog together when they bought their first house. Since then there were only a few weeks when Nina died that they were without a dog.

  9. I was about 6 when my parents brought Duke the Boxer Bull puppy home. He was a great protector too.
    Our daughter was 3 when we welcomed itty bitty 2 month old ,Toto, the mighty mini Dachshund in to the family
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. I've had pets all of my life. They are wonderful family members. Hubby says no more babies. He still hasn't gotten over the loss of Angel Little Bit. She left us October 22, 2015.

    Have a woof woof day and week, Ruby Rose. My best to your mom. ♥

  11. Mama was born into a house with pets...and has always had animals in her life. Daddy never had a pet before marrying Mama...We wonder if he married her for her pets?
    Rosy and Sunny

  12. Both Mom and Dad that as far back as they can remember, their families had dogs. The only time Mom an Dad did not have their own dog was for the first 10 months of their marriage when they lived in an apartment that did not allow dogs. As soon as they moved into their next apartment that was actually a house, Mom brought Shadow home:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Our mom had dogs and cats and fish all through childhood...and got her first dog in her 20s---a little husky mix...that's what started her husky crazy!


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