Monday, May 1, 2023

The Dinner Date


Jagger saw Skye each day on his walk. They didn’t vocalize their interest in one another, but they didn’t have to. Skye made sure she was in the yard whenever Jagger strolled by.

Jagger was young. Otis, his older brother, could see Jagger was smitten and encouraged him to invite Skye to the new restaurant that had recently opened. Otis accompanied his brother on his walk, as he always did, and smiled as Jegger stumbled through his invitation, and he blushed when Skye agreed. 

Both their sets of parents were worried about the rendezvous. They rarely let their children out of sight and were concerned they wouldn’t know how to act. But they knew their kids would skip out the door the first chance they had, so they allowed it, nodding to Otis that he would be charged with keeping the duo out of trouble.

Otis walked with Jagger to Skye’s house, then held a respectful distance behind them as the team entered the fading daylight and possible love.

Otis had told Jagger what he should order, and the excellent boy remembered, ordering a bowl of chicken broth, bison and potato, and finally, a cookie that they happily split. 

They took a bag home for their parents, and then, after a delightful evening, they walked back home, shadowed by Otis. He had advised Jagger that, no matter how well the date went, he would end the evening with a little kiss on the cheek and not mount her from behind, at least not on the first date. Jagger was a good boy and did as he was told.

Otis had never seen his brother walk prouder or more confident; His tail was high in the air. Otis had to curb his brother’s enthusiasm. They were too young to be parents and barely a year and a half. Plus, a bitch in heat is never refused. Jagger was so in love he almost forgot to pee and poop before he went inside. 

They let their parents out of the bedroom. They were allowed to be loose when their dogs were out once, and you wouldn’t believe what they did on the couch. Then they excitedly ate from the human bag,

The new dog restaurant was a huge success. Jagger and Skye would have their wedding reception there and, two years later, on their anniversary, take their 15 kids for dinner.


  1. I wish there wuz a dog restaurant around here!

  2. wow we bet the car and the house were gone after he got da bill for dinner with 15 kids LOL

  3. Absolutely love it.
    Fifteen kids. Bet that emptied the restaurant!

  4. BOL BOL at Nobby's comment. I 100% agree!!!
    That many kiddos would have me asking for a doggie bag
    Hugs cecilia

  5. We've heard that Mom and Dad lock themselves in the bedroom when we're not around. Now it's confirmed.


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