Sunday, May 14, 2023

The Ruby Rose Report: One Mom Too Many


Today was Mother's Day, and it was my favorite of the two Mother's Days I have experienced. But it did make me think of the soul who was my first mom, a bitch named Glaze.

She was a champion show dog and wanted all her children to join her in the ring, but only some dogs were meant for that life, which she had difficulty understanding.

When Glaze had her first litter, they were his life. There were three pups, a high number for Griff litters. The father was named Russ, an agility dog on the road for 50 weeks a year, straying from his vows with Glaze. She understood. It is hard being an unneutered dog in a world of bitches in heat.

Glaze did a great job raising her litter, loving them each individually and doting on them. She was very proud when two of them followed her into the ring, while the third became a young mother to keep the line moving.

When Russ got home from the Dog Olympics, he and Glaze hooked up again, and a few months later, she had a second litter, just one dog, and while she loved it, she did not spend as much time with them, and that might be because she went back to the ring early.

Then came me and my brother Simon. Like human parents, dogs lose interest in their babies the more they have, and they realize we will be fine. That is why instead of getting milk from our mom, she gave us both a carton. When we were bored, she told us of the fun game Crossing the Streets against traffic. And boy, did she get mad when our plastic crates were replaced. "No wire crates!" she barked loudly.

She also took on training herself. She spent hours getting us to raise our tails, walk in step with our handler, and manage our diets. Our human mom had seen this before. As a show dog ages, she realizes her career is ending and wants to live through her husband. Knowing I wasn't a show dog at heart, my human mom contacted y forever mom, and I said goodbye to my litter mom, which was one mom too many.

But, on this Mother's Day, even though we were not close, I say Happy Mother's Day to her and to all the moms who have done their best with the tools they were given.

There is no more noble act on Earth than being a mom.


  1. We enjoyed, and learned a lot, reading about your doggie mom, Ruby. It sounds like Glaze did the best job she could at raising her pups.

  2. That was a great pale you shared with us, Ruby! its great to know from whence we came...alas, us two pups don't have such a story, let alone do we remember/know our mothers....Petcretary fills in that task for uus, after a brief time with a couple foster moms in the shelters we were in!

    Yes, mothering is a very noble task. Never should anyone sneer at it.
    Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms in your life, Ruby!

  3. Ruby Rose loved the story about your litter mom Glaze she raised you good and glad you are in your forever home nie. Happy Mothers Day to your litter mom and your human mom. Dallas and Belle

  4. "Done their best with the tools they were given". A kind and generous thought which Gail says applies perfectly to her late mother.
    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA).

  5. that was a sweet post for all a furst mom's ... mine was also not interested in me, so I was raised by sphinx cats... and da nelly had a teenage mom who was more a puppy than a caretaker... so we are happy to have the mama now and because we love her, we gave her da same like last year... nothing... :P===

  6. Glaze gave you life so definitely celebrate her. Your furever MOM IS THE ONE YOU GIVES YOU TLC and loves you unconditionally
    Hugs cecilia

  7. What a lovely tribute to your fur mom.

  8. That really was a beautiful message sweet Ruby Rose.

  9. What a sweet Mother's Day post, Ruby Rose. You have landed with the best Mother ever in your forever home.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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