Thursday, May 18, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Welcome to Poetry Corner


My good friend Angel Sammy and brother Teddy have supplied us with another picture for Poetry Thursday.

Here is my meager contribution.



When Daisy was invited to see old friends

But she knew it was regret she must send.

Tommy was a handful and needed his mom.

When it came to children her husband Jake was dumb.


But Jake said he could handle the tyke.

He knew going out was something would very much like

She was worried about what she would find when she got home.

She had vowed never to leave her child with someone with a Y chromosome.


Reluctantly she went out for the night.

Worried that upon return her home would be urban blight.

She returned in only an hour.

Her worry made everything taste sour.


She found Jake on the couch.

Watching TV in a half slouch

She asked where Tommy could be.

She pictured him outside running free.


She was told he was in his room.

If she believed in him, that is what she should presume.

She said she would go up to check.

Hoping the bedroom was not a wreck.


She found her son followed in Hershey syrup.

Enjoying it with their six-month-old pup

She hurried Tommy into the bath.

And yelled downstairs her voice full of wrath


When Jake appeared, she asked how Tommy got the bottle.

While in her mind him he did throttle

He said he had no idea how.

Maybe he milked a chocolate cow.


She told him to take the pup outside.

While she rubbed off her son’s tiny hide

He offered to help clean son.

Oh, if she only had a gun.


She said there would be more work to do

After licking up the chocolate the dog would have to poo

And to make sure he did not come in until the dog pooped another and another.

And by the time he got back she would be living with her mother


  1. good answer... chocolate cows can be everywhere LOL

  2. That's a great poem. We love the tale you told from a simple picture.

  3. OMDs Ruby Rose you just told us a wonderful and fun Short Story
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. LOL BOL! I'm sure I would not be so poetic if I came across a mess like that!

  5. That really was a messy and fun one!


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