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Poetry Thursday



Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton 

have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

Here is our meager offering  




Darren asked Suzie to dance, just for one song

It wouldn’t be long

Five minutes tops 

At the local sock hop

She was light as a feather 

As they danced together

The time flew by

Until he felt pain in his thigh

They had been dancing for many minutes more than a few

Ane looked at Frank the piano player for a cure

But Frank knew there was something very wrong

He could not find the end of the song

He heard dancer’s feet begin to drag

As he played jazz time rag

He had studied so hard the start

He had forgotten the closing part

The dancers kept going round and round

To stop in the middle of a song was upon frowned

But they were afraid of passing out

As they twirled one another about

Finally Darren spoke up

And yelled “Frank you schupp

Stop playing that damn ditty

Our dates are sweaty and not pretty

But Frank thought he could find the end

And said just hold on to his friend

He thought he could end with a flair

But that hope ended when Darren hit him with a chair

They all crawled the seats along

Some just did a fall

Frank was never asked to play piano, not even to pretend 

Because he knew the beginnings but not the ends



  1. I love that!!!! I had a partner who passed out at a dance event. it was carnival and this idiot came as ALF ,the motto was "in heaven" ... I came as a nun, so Alf and mother theresa what an awful couple... after 20 minutes in an overheated hall he swooned in the thick fur costume, I sat he whole night in the waiting room of an ER till the idiot could leave. the highlight of this ruined evening was that HE!!!!! whon third prize for the best costume... WTF!

  2. Excellent poem!
    And we know someone just like that, who can start but not finish...

  3. Wow that was a dance that is engrained in all their memories
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. That was a good one, not finishing is not good!

  5. Oh my, I sure hope that never happens to any of the songs at the dances we go to!


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