Friday, June 9, 2023

Foley's Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Welcome Cubbie


 Cubbie strolled into the Nazario home in April 2017 like he owned the place. He was well taken care of before the rescue, something not usual in dog land, but his first parents thought he needed other dogs to bone with and made the hard decision to rehome him with the Nazarios. Cubbie knew when he entered the house, saw the rescued dogs, and knew he was home. 

Cubbie's first parents were right: The little pup needed siblings to become a dog in total. Cubbie bonded with the pack instantly, particularly Charlie, Nico, and Chico. They became fast friends bringing smiles to one another and their parents. 

The most significant adjustment Cubbie made in his new home was eating. He knew he couldn't lounge over his food. He ate it robustly and realized he had a talent for catching food tossed. When adopting an adult dog, each day is more precious, and he loved the family intensely to make up for lost time.

All songs end, even the most loved one, and Cubbie began to hear the final notes earlier this year. That intense love caused his heart to overwork, and he developed a heart murmur, which wasn't life-threatening, but when he got a mass cell tumor, it prevented the doctors from removing it.

The end of Cubbie's beautiful song was played softly as he peacefully passed over at home, surrounded by love.

As he crossed the Bridge and climbed up to where his friends were waiting for him, he was met with love by his many friends and siblings  Magoo, Maggie, Mikey, Miguelito, Greta, Willow, Tramp., Capone, Rascal, Benji, and Sophie. 

The Nazario pack has been rewarded with a mansion overlooking the water for their good works on the mortal side. 

When Cubbie's parents gave him to the Nazarios to thrive, they did not know that he would not only have dogs to accompany him through his remaining days but for eternity.

Cubbie's room overlooks the water. He sits on the balcony at night, watching his mortal family reflected in the water. When he sees they are sleeping, he joins them in their dreams.

During the day, he plays with his pack on their big lawn: A dozen dogs with big smiles and wagging tails, all celebrating being rescued and having a loving forever family.

Hopefully, their parents can see them out of the corner of their eyes when they squint. If they do, they will know their babies are safe and thankful that mom and dad brought them together.


  1. Sweet Cubbie, a super Angel you will surely be.

  2. This sweet baby really lucked out getting to go to the Nazario pack. Our Mom knows Christine personally and have met Mikey and Magoo. In fact, Chipper and Mikey were both rescued at the same time from a puppy mill. And Mikey’s Mom and my Mom each took a puppy from the crate. I, Chipper am grateful that I am 151/2 and doing pretty well. Sadly Mikey went to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. These pups are SO lucky to be cared for by Christine and Eddie!!!!

  3. Thank you everyone for the beautiful words and compassion. Cubbie was loved by many.

  4. So happy Cubbie got to live a happy life with a pack of dogs and was with a loving home when he went to the bridge a beautiful story. Fly free sweet Cubbie you are loved, will be missed deaply, forever in our hearts, send hugs to your mortal family. Love Dallas and Belle Lawson

  5. So glad Cubbie had a good life, although cut short.

  6. What a wonderful story of Cubbie and the people that loved him.

  7. I'm so sorry about that cutie Cubbie. My Angel Dakota had a tumor on heart too that took him in 2020. It's sooo sad!

  8. Dear Cubbie, your tail is wagging so fast in that picture that it is a blur! Please say hi to our Angel Cobi for us. You will be missed on this side of the bridge!


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