Thursday, June 22, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

I saved all my money to see the show

I was told people like us can’t afford to go

But I have always believed if there is a will, there's a way

And now I was going to see my favorite performer play

I don’t want to tell you what I had to do to get a ticket

There were things I was glad to do that my old uncle said weren’t cricket

But I idolized the singer so

So I could not accept the answer no

When I got an email with the ticket, I felt like Charle Bucket

I uploaded a picture of me and the ticket with the caption, “Suck it”

I bought new clothes in case my hero saw me

And took notice of the girl singing like a banshee

Maybe I would be brought up on stage

And in funny banter, we would engage

Maybe we would sing a duet

And be so good we toured with her quartet

When the gates opened, I rushed inside

I was five seats from the front on the right side

And just before the show began in front of me did sat

A bitch with a three-foot-tall hat

I could not see the performance, and my idol could not see me

I asked the woman to remove her hat, and she said, “que?”

Why didn’t I take Spanish in high school?

Instead of Latin, I’m such a fool.

I heard the show was great.

I missed it trying to download Google translate

I learned even if you achieve your dreams that

It can be ruined by a Spanish lady in a big fat hat


  1. at least we should learn swear words in all languages so we can react adequate...

  2. Easy is right- up there in the first comment!

  3. That is quite a tale you wove from that picture. There is nothing worse than going to a show and having someone really tall or with a big hat in front of you.

  4. I know what you mean! When I went to see my grand daughter Lily dance in the recital, there was a guy in front of me with some big hair. But he left after a little while, so I got a good view of the stage after that.


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