Thursday, June 29, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

Like all boys, I love my mother

A love like no other

Although some said she was fond of the drink

That she made in the kitchen sink

My aunts said I was too young

To remember when the Christmas tree she hung

Carefully on the long clothesline
Set it on fire, and watched it burn while sipping wine

When I was six she sent the dog to school

No one minded until she peed in the pool

My dad was mad and blamed her for drinking

After seeing the volume in bottles shrinking

At the park the other mom’s judged her

Because she slept while I licked the dog’s fur

They talked about her drinking with great disgust

Especially after she forgot me on the crosss town bus

My favorite days was when she wanted to take advantage of the weather

Put Puppy on her back and me she did tether

People did look crossly at puppy, mommy and me

Especially when I stopoped at the hydrant, lifted my leg and did pee

Soon after they came and took Mommy away

I was very sad day after day

Daddy said she was getting care

To get her back home I said a prayer

Finally the day came she came back

No longer drinking, and smoking in the nude giving the neighbors a heart attack

From that day forward she was as calm as a nun

I was glad she wasn’t drinking but boy I missed the fun


  1. A worrying level of detail here...

  2. we too... but to see a kidlet lifting a leg must be the thing of the day...

  3. That's a great poem and quite a tale it told.

  4. My goodness gracious. That would be a cause of wonderment!

  5. That was good, but I think she used to be our neighbor too!


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