Friday, June 16, 2023

Foley's Tales From Rainbow Bridge: Welcoming Katie Kitty

 May be an image of cat

The circle of pets' lives is that when one leaves, another comes in to care for their parents. We know they are too fragile to be left alone. Having a loyal companion is essential to keeping them sane.

 Momma Diana was unaware that one of her beloved pets was making arrangements to go to the Bridge when she introduced Reba to her pack. She thought she was adding another member to the family, not maintaining the number of pets she had, because one member was leaving.

When finding a new pet for their parents, most animals choose their species because they are tasked with meeting their parent's specific needs, which are best handled by one of their own.

Kattie Kitty knew her song was ending, and she needed another soul with fur to help her mom deal with the tribulations of daily life and her eventual passing. She had come from a mixed pack and saw how dogs and cats filled their mom's heart with love. She knew while he mom would be minus a cat adding a dog would be what she needed.

Scooter George, their mom's beloved heart dog, who went to the Bridge a scant ten months ago, and is still in his mom's heart and thoughts, agreed to work with Katie Kitty to find the right dog for their mom. As an angel, Scooter would conduct the interviews and present the applicants to Katie Kitty, and she would make the final decision.

Scooter George and Katie Kitty decided on Ruby, a darling puppy, to pick up the gauntlet and carry on as their mom's heart pet. Ruby was thrilled with the assignment, knowing Momma Diane was one of the world's premier pet parents. Reba could not have asked for a better mom.

But Reba was still worried about her role in the family, and while Katie Kitty was tired and her train was slowing, she still managed to squirrel away enough heartbeats to extend her life.

When Reba had her grooming appointment, Katie Kitty decided that the puppy was ready to take over as the heart pet. While she rested in the empty house, Scooter came, took her by the paw, and led her over the Bridge to the rest of their angels, where she would begin a charmed life on the immortal side.

When she returned home, Momma Diane was stunned to find that Katie Kitty had gone to walk with the angels. Her heart was shattered, but she had Reba pick up and rebuild the pieces, just as her predecessors had. They knew Reba was ready.

She was in good paws.


  1. Funny how it happens when one pet leaves. We weren't planning to get another dog so soon after Chester passed. But out of no where we found the two princess girls Rosie and Baby. Surely angel Chester had a paw in that!

  2. Katie Kitty is now a beautiful Tabby Angel...
    Hugs Cecilia


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