Sunday, October 15, 2023

Foley Monster's Tales From Rainbow Bridge: The Day Brian Crossed Over


: I liked to think of myself as a big deal when I crossed over, and the hundreds of friends who met me confirmed it. But, my celebration looked modest regarding the reception my friend Brian received when he crossed into Blogville.

Brian is a leader in the cat world and the mortal Blogosphere. Cat blogging is even more popular than one that features dogs, and Brian's blog is a can't-miss for all his loyal fans. He leads a large pack of cats, all with different attitudes and problems, but Brian keeps them in line.

But most of all, Brian was a heart cat, capturing his parent's affection like no other. His fame meant nothing to him; all he wanted was the companionship of his favorite humans. He gave them the greatest gift: to feel loved, to have their heart full, to know that, to Brian, they were his world.

It's the way we pets look at you, with all the devotion heaven will allow, that parents miss the most. Those eyes say everything will be okay; you are loved and not alone. I hope Brain's parents can find that with their pact or any new members. People have a hard enough time surviving; without that look, it makes every day darker and more complicated.

I always thought taking Brian from the mortal world would be something huge. But, as is often the way, it is the most minor thing to take her hero down, an infected tooth that spread to his lungs. He was suffering, so his parents took all his pain and sorrow onto themselves, freeing him from being in pain forever. It is the way our parents repay us for their love.

Brian felt everything that hurt and scared him disappear in the River of Life. He scampered out and crossed the Bridge. He still felt sad, leaving so much behind, but the Bridge doesn't let you feel poorly for long. There is too much love all around for that.

Brian was cheered and feted like a conquering hero. He had lived his life defining what it meant to be a cat. Brian made sure he thanked everyone who had come out for him.

Then, he was shown a mansion he had earned for being a cat above and beyond others. Brian thanked everyone and said he would wait for his parents to come home, and until then, he would lie on a sofa waiting for them, looking out the big bay window at the frolicking angels.

Brian should wait for his parents because he never wanted to be anything more than a family cat.

His doing it better than anyone else means little to him.

The rubs, scratches, and soft pets, and he will wait when his parents reunite with him, and sit in the overstuffed chairs in the mansion, Brian on their lap, purring, while watching the sunrise on a perfect day.


  1. We are glad to hear precious Brian is doing well on that side of the bridge and that his reputation preceded him.

  2. that was so sweet to read about brian... and we can hear his purr if we close our eyes...

  3. What a lovely tribute to Brian. He sure was a special cat.

  4. A beautiful tribute to a most loved cat.

    Have a woof woof day and week, Ruby Rose. My best to your mom. ♥

  5. What a beautiful tribute to Brian. He was so loved by all♥

  6. Ruby Rose this is beautiful. Brian was most special and taught us all so much about being kind and a good friend

  7. We hope Celestial Paddy O'Malley put in a visit with Angel Brian; we know they'd be good friends; Brian would watch as Pommy rolled around on the ground.

  8. Your post brings tears to our eyes as we so loved Brian. so good to know how well he is doing. He is such a grand boy

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. It is a beautiful tribute to Brian. He will be dearly missed.


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