Thursday, October 26, 2023

Poetry Thursday



Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton are on vacation, so I found my photo.

The family was happy when they got a new cat

He fit right in the house like a natural diplomat

But there was a problem with the cat named Bart

Man, did he have to fart

And it wasn’t just the smell that ruined the day

It was a bodily function that got in the way

Because as much as the family loved Bart

All that cat did was fart

But it wasn’t just the awful smell that was the trouble

When Bart farted, it sounded like someone sucking through a straw a bubble

It was like a high-pitched scream

Something out of a twisted dream

When friends called the house, they heard awful sounds

Like a child beaten up, down, and around

They even call special services

And the parents had to explain to the police that it was just their cat who was nervous.

Their parents worked at home after the plague caused a shutdown

During the ZOOM meeting, his parents saw the others frown

Because in a room next to the computer

Came the sound of a squirrel that a child with a dull knife was trying to neuter

Bart had a sister, Rita was her name

And their mom was to interview for a new job with some acclaim

Rita knew if they heard Bart’s farts, the interviewers would imagine the terrible things they could have saw

So Rita jammed into Bart’s butt her paw

The quieted Bart’s flatulence.

And the interviewees were about to say now; their mom did dazzle When they heard a terrible plopping sound coming from Rita.

Being so close to Bart’s butt had given her explosive diarrhea.

And so the lesson was learned 

And into their minds was burned

When it came to naming a cat and causing no disfunction

Never name it something that rhymes with a bodily function. 


Monday Question

  Where are your favorite spots in the house? I love both my parent's chair...