Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Ruby Rose Report: Endless Summer?


The squirrels were packing their tree in my backyard. I inquired where they would be going and was told south because winter was coming.

I managed to stay inside last winter without my paws ever touching the ground, only going out for car rides, where I sat in an overly heated vehicle. Those with senior parents will know what I mean. I didn't mind. I was no friend of the cold.

When I entered my forever home in July last year, I laid the groundwork for staying inside during the frozen months. When going on walks, I would sit, refusing to let the sight of my newly acquired house slip away until I knew I could find my way back home.

Winter was a pure spectator event for me last year, but when spring came, and there were so many fancy smells in the air, I began to walk further from my house, confident I could find my way back if a band of roving gypsies carried off my Dad. Soon, walking became something I looked forward to every day. I walk at supper time, but after the first weekend in November, when the whole world is picking up and putting somewhere darker, I may walk around lunchtime, which will be cold.

But maybe my dislike of the cold has kept winter at bay this year.

The hanging plant, which, weeks ago, shed its last blossom and was hung from a tree, not for stealing a horse, but so it wouldn't hang by the front window, a bitter reminder that summer had left, is blossoming again.

Beyond that, in front of the railroad ties, where the snails who nibble on the leaves at night hide, the 100-year-old rose bush has reblossomed, not as splendidly as it did in the spring, but still, a sure sign of spring in October.

Also, the inpatients, who struggled in the July heat and battled root rot, have spread in Fo;ey's garden and the bicycle basket. A grey fall day becomes a hopeful spring if you squint your eyes.

The scientists say this has to do with global warming, the jet stream, water temperature, and climate change, but I say it is because winter does not want to arrive and see this face.

Frankly, I can't blame it.


  1. Ruby, first good smile I have had today and YOU gave it to me. Thank you.

  2. We sure are having a little bit of summer in the first days of October here, too.

  3. We love your sweet face Ruby Rose but we don't care for Winter either!

  4. So, Ruby, now we know. It's all down to you that during our Sunday walk along the coast north of Aberdeen, on 1st October, Gail was comfortable wearing a short sleeved tee-shirt and light cotton trousers, and I resumed my summer habit of jumping in muddy ditch water!

  5. Ahh, now there's the truth of winter this year, or at least the state of autumn. Keep enjoying every day, no matter the weather, and soon enough, spring and summer will come around.

  6. Ruby Rose thank you for this most informative post. July was one miserable month here in fact our summer had 61 days of 90+
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. We are glad things are at least a little bit cooler down here. As far as we're concerned, it can stay Autumn all year round!
    Sunny & Rosy

  8. Foley, you may be right about that. It's still hot here, but cool in the morning. Hoping you survive another winter, especially since you are planning on going outside this winter!


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